Numpy Array (ndarray) Examples

08 Dec 2018   Numpy Array-like data structures (ndarrays) are the bread and butter of a lot of data work done these days.

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glue athena

AWS Glue: Introduction, Examples and Troubleshooting

01 Dec 2018   Introduction, examples and troubleshooting tips for using AWS Glue.

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Thoughts on Michelangelo: Uber's Machine Learning Platform

20 Nov 2018   Reading and dissecting the way Uber does Machine Learning.

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Python 3 Subprocess Examples

03 Nov 2018   Examples on how to spawn and control OS-level processes from a python script, using the new Subprocess module.

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paper-summary machine-learning

Paper Summary: Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures

02 Nov 2018   Summary of the 2001 article "Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures" by Leo Breiman.

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Gnu Awk: One-line Examples

28 Sep 2018   Examples on how to use awk commands to process text information on shell scripts.

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jupyter python

Interactive controls for Jupyter notebooks: Python Examples

19 Sep 2018   Examples on how to add interactive controls to jupyter notebooks.

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python caching

Caching Function Results in Python: Examples using Joblib and Functools

15 Sep 2018   In many cases (web development, data analysis, etc) it's useful to be able to store results that take long to re-compute. These solutions allow you to save results (either in memory or on disk) so that all function calls after the first one become constant-time lookups.

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Risk in Machine Learning Models

06 Sep 2018   Machine Learning models can make actual decisions that affect your business. However, things can go wrong, which introduces risk that must be dealt with.

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