Crypto Asset Overview: Loopring (LRC)

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Loopring is a protocol for trading Ethereum-based tokens between separate exchanges (will generalize to all kinds of blockchains in the future).

It acts as a trusted middle man between two independent exchanges so people in them can trade with people in the other one.

LRC is a tradeable token that's used to pay for transactions on the Loopring network.

It's based on Ethereum (currently)

It's used for EC20 Tokens right now but it'll be eventaully used for all types of exchanges and currency pairs.

Similar to

  • 0x (ZRC) (it's also a protocol for decentralized exchanges)

  • Kyber Network (KNC) (ditto)

  • OmiseGo (OMG) (ditto)


  • It's based off China
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