How to Make Gif Animations from Screencasts on Ubuntu

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  • 1)Record mp4 video with Kazam

  • 2)Convert video to gif using Gifify

Install and Use Kazam to record the video

  • $ sudo apt-get install kazam

  • Save your video as Mp4

  • Use a small frame-rate to keep size small

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Download + install giflossy

$ git clone
$ cd giflossy
giflossy$ autoreconf -i
giflossy$ ./configure
giflossy$ make && make install

Install Gifify using npm

$ npm i -g gifify

Use gifify to convert the mp4 video into a GIF file

Example: convert a file called video.mp4 to video.gif

Heads-up this uses a lot of RAM, even for smallish video files.

There's all sorts of options to control the frame-rate and other things too.

$ gifify video.mp4 -o video.gif

meta-capturing Gifify being used to turn an MP4 screencast into a GIF file


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