Outputting Text with Colours using Bash and Other Scripting Languages

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Output text in colours

These messages work within any text printed to a console. They can therefore be used in other scripts you create (php, ruby, python, perl, etc), not just bash.(*)

In general, languages will only parse special characters (like \033 if you use double-quotes).

Messages in uppercase are given as examples only.

  • red text

    $ echo -e "\033[31mERROR:\033[00m"
  • yellow text

    $ echo -e "\033[33mWARNING:\033[00m"
  • bold yellow text

    $ echo -e "\033[1;33mWARNING:\033[00m"
  • bold green text

    $ echo -e "\033[1;32mSUCCESS\033[00m"


() When using languages other than bash, make sure you use the appropriate function that accepts **escape sequences*. For example, in ruby, you need to output text using puts otherwise the color codes won't be correctly parsed. This is equivalent to using -e in bash.

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