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Jupyter Notebook Kernels: How to Add, Change, Remove  28 Jul 2019    jupyter-notebooks scala spark
Add, remove and change Kernels to use with Jupyter notebook Read More ›

Interactive controls for Jupyter notebooks: Python Examples  19 Sep 2018    jupyter python
Examples on how to add interactive controls to jupyter notebooks. Read More ›

Visualization Options for Jupyter Notebooks  14 Apr 2018    jupyter python
Use pandas, numpy and matplotlib options for enhancing visualization in Jupyter notebooks. Read More ›

Connect to Jupyter Notebook Running on EC2 Instance  08 Dec 2017    jupyter ec2
Spin up and connect to a Jupyter notebook running on a remote EC2 instance. Read More ›

Jupyter Notebook: Tips and Tricks with Examples  16 Oct 2017    jupyter data-science
Getting more done with Jupyter notebook, with useful shortcuts and commonly-used functionality. Read More ›