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Pandas for Large Data  13 Aug 2017    data-newsletter-4 pandas performance
In order to successfully work with large data on Pandas, there are some ways to reduce memory usage and make sure you get good speed performance. Read More ›

Scikit-Learn Cheatsheet: Reference and Examples  10 Mar 2017    wip scikit-learn
Just a couple of things you may find yourself doing over and over again when working with scikit-learn. Read More ›

Python Json Module: Reference and Examples  16 Jan 2017    wip python json
Python CLI Scripts and Applications: Reference + Examples  04 Jan 2017    wip python cli command-line
Setup Keras+Theano Backend and GPU on Ubuntu 16.04  10 Sep 2016    keras gpu theano
A couple of pointers on how to get up and running with Keras and Theano on a clean 16.04 Ubuntu machine. Read More ›

Numpy Distributions and Statistical Functions: Examples + Reference  10 Sep 2016    numpy statistics
A couple of examples of things you will probably want to do when using numpy for data work, such as probability distributions, PDFs, CDFs, etc. Read More ›

Python 3 Date and Time Manipulation: Examples  04 Jul 2016    python wip date
Working with Files & the Filesystem in Python: Reference and Examples  26 Mar 2016    wip python
Examples on how to perform filesystem-related tasks using python. Tasks include reading and writing to files, listings files and manipulating the path. Read More ›

Python Environment Cheatsheet  25 Mar 2016    python
Python Regular Expressions: Examples & Reference  16 Mar 2016    python wip regex
Pandas DataFrame by Example  15 Dec 2015    pandas python
Lots of examples of ways to use one of the most versatile data structures in the whole Python data analysis stack. Learn how to slice and dice, select and perform commonly used operations on DataFrames. Read More ›

One-Hot Encoding a Feature on a Pandas Dataframe: an Example  27 Nov 2015    pandas
One-hot encoding is a simple way to transform categorical features into vectors that are easy to deal with. Learn how to do this on a Pandas DataFrame. Read More ›

Spark SQL: Examples on pyspark  18 Oct 2015    wip pyspark sparksql
Functional Programming with Python: Quick Reference with Examples  16 Apr 2015    python functional programming
Getting started with Python NLTk on Ubuntu  29 Mar 2015    python nltk
Python Environment Examples and Gotchas: Pip, Virtualenvs, etc   19 Jun 2014    pip virtualenv
How to Install pip on Ubuntu  02 Jun 2014    ubuntu pip
Python 1-Minute Tutorial for Those with Previous Programming Experience  20 Feb 2014    python