technology   wip golang

Installing and Configuring Golang 1.8 on Ubuntu 16.04

23 Apr 2017   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis ac arcu urna. Fusce non metus massa. Fusce vitae feugiat tortor. Donec ut varius dui. Phasellus condimentum, quam eu vehicula cursus, magna erat porta.

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technology   latex wip

LaTeX: Quick Solutions for Specific Issues

08 Apr 2017   Just a couple of latex commands to help you achieve somewhat uncommon layouts and things like that.

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technology   wip scikit-learn

Scikit-Learn Cheatsheet: Reference and Examples

10 Mar 2017   Just a couple of things you may find yourself doing over and over again when working with scikit-learn.

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technology   wip postgres sql ubuntu

PostgreSQL Common Operations: Reference + Examples

10 Mar 2017   Common operations you may first yourself doing over and over again when dealing with PostgreSQL databases. Unless otherwise stated, examples assume version 9 or later, running on Ubuntu.

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technology   wip neural nets

Tricks for Training Neural Nets Faster

20 Feb 2017   Tricks and Practical tips for training neural nets faster. Credit is mostly to Geoff Hinton and Yann LeCun.

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technology   octave ubuntu

Error when running plot on Octave: Xlib extension GLX missing on display

07 Feb 2017   The easiest way to fix this problem is to configure Octave to use gnuplot instead of OpenGL.

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technology   wip logback

Logback Reference + Examples

05 Jan 2017  
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technology   hadoop hdfs

HDFS Commands: Reference and Examples

25 Dec 2016   List of HDFS commands for filesystem management, along with common use cases.

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