For all examples, we'll be using the 100K Dataset from MovieLens

Read the dataset into a Julia DataFrame

``` julia using DataArrays,DataFrames


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WIP ALERT This is a Work in Progress

Rotating log files means compressing and changing the name of a old log files ( say foo.conf) to something like foo.conf.1.gz so that it takes less space and applicatio

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All examples were executed under Julia Version 0.3.10


Matrices are probably one of the data structures you'll find yourself using very often. For Julia, Vectors are just a special kind of Matrix, namely

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WIP ALERT This is a work in progress

If you need to have your browser access the internet with another IP and you have SSH access a remote server, you can tunnel your connection through that server.

It looks

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Composer allows you to define shell scripts to be run at specified times and/or events such as before or after installing a package.

A very common use f

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