Swagger 2.0 Examples 24 Jun 2015

WIP ALERT This is a work in progress

Here are some examples on common use cases for Swagger.

Dropdown list for parameter values

You need to define attribute "enum" for the parameter in question, for ex

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Word2Vec is a novel way to create vector representations of words in a way that preserves their meaning, i.e. words with similar meaning tend to be located in similar positions when represented in the vector space (as

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TL; DR option "store" (and the _sourcefield) controls whether a field is retrievable and option "index" controls whether it is searchable and how it's searched.

It's not always easy to guess exactly what

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How to Beat Google 03 May 2015

WIP ALERT This is a Work in Progress

Beating Google means "doing something that not even Google could better in a reasonable time frame (a couple of months)"

Google is a large organization with a very talente

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It's very useful to be able to hit Ctrl+ click on an identifier and be taken to the source file where it was defined.

I think it's a very good way to learn new things (you'll see great ideas but also bad code) and yo

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