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Json4s Examples: Common Basic Operations using Jackson as Backend

29 Feb 2016   Json4s is one of the best libraries for manipulating json in Scala. Here are some examples and common use cases you may have come across and some you perhaps haven't.

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technology   play 2 json

Fully Customized Json Validators for the Play 2 Framework: Explanation and Example

05 Jan 2016   Play 2 Allows a lot of flexibility for defining custom rules for JSON validation but if you want full control over how JSON is validated against a case class (including conditions that depend on more than one attribute and custom error messages) you need to write custom readers for your classes.

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Usability Best Practices for the Busy Programmer: Two Principles to Keep in Mind

30 Dec 2015   Here I'll explain two things you (in the very least) need to take into account in order to have systems you create be efficiently used by your end users.

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JVM Performance Monitoring 101: Commonly Used Open Source Tools + Examples

28 Dec 2015   Performance monitoring is an essential part of the work of whoever works on the JVM using not just java but other JVM languages such as Scala, Groovy and Clojure.

Here are some of the most widely-used open-source tools with examples, so that you can do your work more easily.

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java 8 datetime

Java 8 Timezones: Examples in Scala

23 Dec 2015   Many Scala examples of the new Java 8 java.time API, focusing on ways to deal with and encode Timezone information in your objects.

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pandas python

Pandas DataFrame by Example

15 Dec 2015   Lots of examples of ways to use one of the most versatile data structures in the whole Python data analysis stack. Learn how to slice and dice, select and perform commonly used operations on DataFrames.

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