bash" regular-expressions

Bash Regular Expressions: Reference and Examples

04 Dec 2016   Lots of examples on how to use regular expressions with bash scripts.

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technology   emr yarn spark

ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException: Spark Application Stuck in ACCEPTED state on YARN

13 Nov 2016   ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException may be cause because the log directory have become too crowded with data.

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technology   akka-http akka wip

Akka-http Common Operations: Reference + Examples

03 Nov 2016   A couple of things I find myself doing very often when I use akka-http. I believe these may be useful for others too.

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technology   wip angular2 typescript

Angular 2 Core Concepts: Quick Reference

29 Sep 2016   Quick summary of and cheatsheet for the most important angular 2 concepts. It's important to know these because you'll come across them often and it's crucial to understand their differences so you can correctly architect your app.

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Looking for Things and using the History on Git: Examples and Reference

28 Sep 2016   Couple of examples of how to correctly use git log and other commands that let you use git to search your history for modifications, commit messages and so on.

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technology   keras gpu theano

Setup Keras+Theano Backend and GPU on Ubuntu 16.04

11 Sep 2016   A couple of pointers on how to get up and running with Keras and Theano on a clean 16.04 Ubuntu machine.

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numpy statistics

Numpy/Scipy Distributions and Statistical Operations: Examples & Reference

10 Sep 2016   A couple of examples of things you will probably want to do when using numpy and scipy for data work, such as probability distributions, PDFs, CDFs, etc.

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technology   sbt bintray

Publishing an SBT Project onto Bintray: an Example

20 Aug 2016   A quick example explaining everything you need to do to package an SBT project and publish the binary JAR to bintray, where it can be made available for others too!

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