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Paper Summary: Few-show Fine-Tuning vs In-context Learning: a Fair Comparison and Evaluation  22 Jul 2024    paper-summary
Summary of the 2023 article "Few-show Fine-Tuning vs In-context Learning: a Fair Comparison and Evaluation" by Mosbach et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Multitask Prompted Training Enables Zero-Shot Task Generalization  31 Mar 2024    paper-summary instruction-tuning language-modeling
Summary of the 2021 article "Multitask Prompted Training Enables Zero-Shot Task Generalization" by Sahn et al. AKA the T0 (T-zero) article Read More ›

Paper Summary: Learning to summarize from human feedback  09 Mar 2024    paper-summary
Summary of the 2020 article "Learning to summarize from human feedback" by Stiennon et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Zephyr: Direct Distillation of LM Alignment  02 Jan 2024    paper-summary instruction-tuning
Summary of the 2023 article "Zephyr: Direct Distillation of LM Alignment" by Tunstall et al. Read More ›

Examples: Installing and Updating Packages with Apt  01 Jan 2024    ubuntu apt
Examples on how to use apt-get and dpkg to install, uninstall, and list packages on Ubuntu and similar systems. Read More ›

Git Examples: Reverting a File from a Branch  27 Dec 2023    git
Many ways to reset files to what they look like on other branches, both locally and on remotes. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Constitutional AI  16 Nov 2023    paper-summary instruction-tuning language-models
Summary of the 2022 article "Constitutional AI" by Anthropic. Read More ›

Pytest Examples: Handling Exceptions  18 Oct 2023    python pytest
Examples on how to use Pytest to handle exceptions Read More ›

Troubleshooting Colima Start Problems  01 Oct 2023    docker colima macos
Troubleshooting problems related to starting colima docker environments on a MacOS box. Read More ›

Pyenv and Jupyter Notebook Integration  17 Aug 2023    pyenv jupyter
Examples and reference on how to create and manage Kernels in Jupyter from a Pyenv environment. Read More ›

Sublime 4 Productivity Examples: Keymaps, Snippets, Macros  05 Aug 2023    sublime-text
Simple reminders on how to add keymaps and run snippets on Sublime text 4. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Llama 2: Open Foundation and Fine-Tuned Chat Models  01 Aug 2023    paper-summary instruction-following language-modeling
Summary of the 2023 article "Llama 2: Open Foundation and Fine-Tuned Chat Models" by Touvron et al. Read More ›

Python Dependency Management: Examples and Reference  22 Jul 2023    python
Examples on how to use python tools to manage dependencies. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Deep Reinforcement Learning from Human Preferences  15 Jul 2023    paper-summary reinforcement-learning rlhf
Summary of the 2017 article "Deep Reinforcement Learning from Human Preferences" by Christiano et al. AKA the RLHF article. Read More ›

Jenv Examples on MacOS  07 Jul 2023    jenv
Examples on how to config multiple java versions on MacOS using jenv Read More ›

Paper Summary: Fine-tuned Language models are Zero-Shot Learners  02 Jul 2023    paper-summary instruction-following
Summary of the 2022 article "Fine-tuned Language models are Zero-Shot Learners" by Wei et al, aka the FLAN article. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Cross-Task Generalization via Natural Language Crowdsourcing Instructions  25 Jun 2023    paper-summary
Summary of the 2022 article "Cross-Task Generalization via Natural Language Crowdsourcing Instructions" by Mishra et al. Read More ›

Python 3 Regex: Named Capture Examples  25 Jun 2023    python-3 regex
Examples on how to use named capture gropus in Python regular expressions. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Direct Preference Optimization: Your Language Model is Secretly a Reward Model  23 Jun 2023    paper-summary instruction-following
Summary of the 2023 article "Direct Preference Optimization: Your Language Model is Secretly a Reward Model" by Rafailov et al. Read More ›

Pyenv Examples: Managing multiple Python versions and Virtualenvs  21 Jun 2023    pyenv
Examples on how to use pyenv to handle Virtualenvs and python versions on Unix-like systems such as Ubuntu and MacOS. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Pythia: A Suite for Analyzing Large Language Models Across Training and Scaling  18 Jun 2023    paper-summary language-models
Summary of the 2023 article "Pythia: A Suite for Analyzing Large Language Models Across Training and Scaling" by Biderman et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: LLaMA-Adapter: Efficient Fine-tuning of Language Models with Zero-init Attention  04 Jun 2023    paper-summary language-modeling instruction-following
Summary of the 2023 article "LLaMA-Adapter: Efficient Fine-tuning of Language Models with Zero-init Attention" by Zhang et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: LLaMA: Open and Efficient Foundation Language Models  04 Jun 2023    paper-summary llms
Summary of the 2023 article "LLaMA: Open and Efficient Foundation Language Models" by Touvron et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Self-instruct: Aligning Language Models with Self-generated Instructions  03 Jun 2023    paper-summary language-modeling alignment
Summary of the 2022 article "Self-instruct: Aligning Language Models with Self-generated Instructions" by Wang et al. Read More ›

As a Manager: Is it Worthwhile? How Worthwhile?  28 May 2023    management
Some thoughts about the frame of mind you need to get into as you transition to a technical management role. Read More ›

As a Manager: Stating the Obvious is Important  28 May 2023    management
Examples and an overview on why managers should state the obvious even when it may seem unnecessary. Read More ›

As a Manager: Drive Growth by Asking Open-Ended Questions  22 May 2023    management
One of the ways you can foster growth in reports is to ask open-ended questions. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback  05 Feb 2023    paper-summary language-models alignment
Summary of the 2022 article "Training language models to follow instructions with human feedback" by Ouyang et al. AKA the InstructGPT article Read More ›

Paper Summary: Language Models are Few-Shot Learners  01 Jan 2023    paper-summary language-models
Summary of the 2020 article "Language Models are Few-Shot Learners" by Brown et al. AKA the GPT-3 Paper. Read More ›

Paper Summary: BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding  01 Jan 2023    paper-summary language-models
Summary of the 2018 article "BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding" by Devlin et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Long Short-Term Memory-Networks for Machine Reading  25 Dec 2022    paper-summary attention sequence-learning
Summary of the 2016 article "Long Short-Term Memory-Networks for Machine Reading" by Cheng et al. AKA the "Self-attention" article Read More ›

As a Manager: Tell Reports "Why" as Often as Possible  12 Dec 2022    management soft-skills
Asking somebody to do something without fully telling them the underlying reasons saves time in the short run but prevents growth in the long run. As often as you can, tell people the why behind a given task or decision. Read More ›

Mini-Tutorial: Installing PyTorch (CPU-only) on Ubuntu  28 Nov 2022    pytorch ubuntu
Some notes on how to install PyTorch (CPU-only for now) on Ubuntu Read More ›

Pandas Fillna Examples: Filling in Missing Data  16 Oct 2022    pandas
Examples on the most common ways you will find yourself using fillna and related functions in pandas. Read More ›

As a Manager: Give Feedback on Specifics Only  15 Oct 2022    management
As a manager, why you should try and keep feedbacks on specific actions and behaviours, rather than giving out generic, subjective advice. Read More ›

Git config Examples  15 Oct 2022    git
Quick examples for some common configuration for git and related tools. Read More ›

Brainstorming Tech Content  15 Oct 2022    meta
Meta content on writing tech content such as this blog Read More ›

Splunk examples: Dealing with null/empty values  10 Oct 2022    splunk
Dealing with NULL and/or empty values in splunk. Examples with the most common use cases and problems you may face. Read More ›

Splunk Examples: Regex command  10 Oct 2022    splunk regex
Ese the regex command in splunk to have regex-like (perl-compatible) queries and filters. Read More ›

Grep examples: Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions  09 Oct 2022    grep regex
Examples on how to use regular expressions in conjunction with GNU grep. Examples on how to modify regular expressions, use multiple types, common issues and solutions. Examples mostly use Perl-compatible regular expressions (PCRE) Read More ›

Splunk Examples: Calculating Ratios Between Events  14 Sep 2022    splunk
Splunk examples on how to take data from several sources and combine them to calculate ratios or percentages between one event and the other, relative counts, etc. Read More ›

Splunk Examples: Manipulating Text and Strings  12 Sep 2022    splunk
Examples on how to perform common operations on strings within splunk queries. Read More ›

qpdf Examples: Merging, Splitting, Compressing PDF Files  01 Aug 2022    pdf
Examples on common operations you may want to do on PDF files using qpdf. Examples from unix-like systems. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe examples: Plotting Histograms  31 Jul 2022    matplotlib pandas
Several examples on how to draw histograms based on pandas dataframes. Read More ›

Action-based VS Process-based Solutions to Problems  24 Jul 2022    management
Solving a problem once is very different from setting up a system that ensures the problem gets addressed consistently. In other words, solving problems in the small is different from solving those very problems "in the large", at scale. Read More ›

Git Examples: Comparing Branches, locally and remotely  24 Jul 2022    git
Comparing and diffing code across branches and working directories on git. Read More ›

Splunk Examples: Renaming/Replacing Fields and Values  13 Jun 2022    splunk
Renaming and replacing fields, values, etc on Splunk. Examples and reference using the tutorial data from the docs. Read More ›

Pandas Examples: Looping over Dataframe Rows  13 Jun 2022    pandas
Everything you need to know about how to loop and/or iterate over rows in a pandas dataframe, as efficiently as possible. Read More ›

Spark SQL date/time Arithmetic examples: Adding, Subtracting, etc  12 Jun 2022    spark datetime
Examples on how to subtract, add dates and timestamps in Spark SQL Dataframes, along with a summary. Read More ›

Java.sql for Spark Scala: Examples using Dates, Times, etc  31 May 2022    java spark
Common operations to make use of java.sql Date/Time classes, convert to/from java.time Classes, etc. Read More ›

Python Date/Datetime Arithmetic Examples: Adding, Subtracting, etc  08 May 2022    python datetime
Some examples on how to perform basic arithmetic on Python date and datetime objects, examples on timedelta, etc. Read More ›

Add Per-core Metrics on indicator-multiload on Ubuntu  08 May 2022    ubuntu
Add individual metrics for each core, such as usage percentage for the basic ubuntu indicator-multiload plugin. Read More ›

Matplotlib Examples: Drawing Straight Lines  06 May 2022    matplotlib
Examples showing you how to draw several types of straight lines on matplotlib, horizontal, vertical, at angles, dashed, solid, etc Read More ›

Update Alternatives: Changing Java version on Ubuntu  02 May 2022    java ubuntu
How to list and change java version on ubuntu. Read More ›

Pandas Examples: Plotting Date/Time data with Matplotlib/Pyplot  24 Apr 2022    pandas matplotlib
Examples on how to plot time-series or general date or time data from a pandas dataframe, using matplotlib behind the scenes. Read More ›

If you use Git you should be very Liberal in Deleting Stale Code  21 Apr 2022    software-engineering technical-debt
On the costs of keeping stale code around and how to recover old code using git, if needed. Read More ›

Apache Spark Examples: Dataframe and Column Aliasing  29 Dec 2021    spark
Examples on how to add and work with dataframe and column aliases on Spark SQL. Examples using Scala. Also includes common error messages and common questions. Read More ›

How to Ask for Tech Support  24 Dec 2021    soft-skills
Asking questions and requesting support the right way, to increase the odds your problems will actually get solved, while maintaining good relations with support staff. Read More ›

Complex Code is Technical Debt, and it will Charge Interest  28 Nov 2021    software-engineering
Why complex code is technical debt and how it hurts you, your teams and your company. And what to do about it. Read More ›

JupyterLab: Sane Defaults and Extensions for Basic DS Work  08 Nov 2021    jupyterlab jupyter-notebooks
Minimum Viable Jupyterlab configuration for reasonably pleasant DS work in Python Read More ›

Git Examples: Searching the Git History  01 Nov 2021    git
Examples on how to search the git logs and history for modified files, modified code, how to retrieve past files from the history, etc. Read More ›

Bash Options with Set: Examples and reference  31 Oct 2021    bash
Examples and reference for most commonly-used bash options you can set/unset with the set builtin. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Exploring the Limits of Transfer Learning with a Unified Text-to-text Transformer  29 Aug 2021    paper-summary natural-language-processing
Summary of the 2020 article "Exploring the Limits of Transfer Learning with a Unified Text-to-text Transformer" by Raffel et al. AKA the T5 article. Read More ›

Python 3 Examples: Creating, Deleting, Updating directories  08 Aug 2021    python files
Lots of examples on how to create, remove, change and otherwise interact with directories with Python 3+ (Assuming unix-like Operating Systems such as Linux and MacOS) Read More ›

Measuring Function Running Times in Python  08 Jul 2021    python
Really simple code to help profile individual method calls to find bottlenecks in Python code. Read More ›

Matplotlib examples: Number Formatting for Axis Labels  29 Jun 2021    matplotlib formatting
Some examples on how to properly format axis labels, add thousands separator, format axis labels to make them easier to read, etc. Read More ›

Matplotlib Examples: Plots with String Axis Labels  28 Jun 2021    matplotlib
Examples on how to create plots where one of the axis is not a list of integers/floats but a list of strings. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Identifying Mislabeled Instances in Classification Datasets  28 Jun 2021    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering machine-learning
Summary of the 2019 article "Identifying Mislabeled Instances in Classification Datasets" by Mueller and Markert. Read More ›

Probabilistic Behaviour can Sometimes Replace State at Scale  28 Jun 2021    scalability software-architecture
You can sometimes forgo keeping state for an application if you are operating at scale and you can afford some innacuracies. Read More ›

AWS Examples: Change EC2 Instance Type without Losing Data  26 Jun 2021    aws ec2 ebs
You can change the instance type for an EC2 instance by detaching the base volume (where the OS is installed), then re-attaching it to another instance (of the desired type) and then copying files manually on demand. Read More ›

Assign Command to Keyboard Shortcut on Ubuntu  30 May 2021    ubuntu
Assign hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to commonly used terminal commands on Ubuntu Read More ›

Set up Heartbeat Monitoring on AWS Cloudwatch with Boto: Example  30 May 2021    aws-cloudwatch boto
How to create a heartbeat check on AWS Cloudwatch, so that you get notified if some event has NOT happened in the last minute/hour/days etc Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Styling Cells and Conditional Formatting  09 May 2021    python pandas
Some examples on how to highlight and style cells in pandas dataframes when some criteria is met. Useful for analytics and presenting data. Read More ›

Python Regular Expressions: Lookahead and lookbehind examples  09 May 2021    python regex
Examples for how and when to use lookaheads and lookbehinds in python regular expressions. These are ways to create matches that depend on what came before or what came after the pattern you want to match. Read More ›

Normalize Text for Natural Language Processing Tasks: Reference and Examples  02 May 2021    nlp preprocessing python
A couple of common preprocessing tasks you need in order to be able to use raw text in NLP tools. Read More ›

Bash examples: redirecting output, error, input, etc  25 Apr 2021   
Examples on how to redirect the ouutput of commands and scripts to files, STDOUT, STDERR, etc. Read More ›

Git-LFS: Reference and Examples  11 Apr 2021    git
Common tasks and examples related to using Github's LFS (Large File Storage) functionality Read More ›

Project Review: Generating Article Titles from Keywords  31 Mar 2021    project-review sequence-learning generative-models
Another project summary, this time for a client who needed an API-accessible ML system to generate text to be used as article titles, given a keyword as input. Read More ›

Working with Functions in Bash: Reference and Examples  31 Mar 2021    bash
Simple examples and common use cases for functions in shell scripting using bash (bourne-again shell). Read More ›

Markdown cheatsheet and Reference: Using Images  31 Mar 2021    markdown
Quick cheatsheet with common fixes to use images in markdown documents, such as github READMEs. Read More ›

Features in Boosted Tree Algorithms: Engineering, Encoding, Interaction, etc  30 Mar 2021    gradient-boosting feature-engineering
How to encode and engineer features correctly for use in tree boosting algorithms? How are features allowed to interact and sort of information do data scientists need to provide via manual engineering? How? Read More ›

Paper Summary: The Precision-Recall Plot Is More Informative than the ROC Plot When Evaluating Binary Classifiers on Imbalanced Datasets  29 Mar 2021    paper-summary model-evaluation
Summary of the 2015 article "The Precision-Recall Plot Is More Informative than the ROC Plot When Evaluating Binary Classifiers on Imbalanced Datasets" by Saito and Hemsmeier. Read More ›

The Great Financial Crisis was Triggered by a Series of Unrelated Factors  21 Mar 2021   
Thoughts on the Great Financial Crisis. Techy summary of the book "The Big Short" by Michael Lewis Read More ›

Splunk Regular Expressions: Rex Command Examples  21 Mar 2021    splunk regex
Examples of common use cases and for Splunk's rex command, for extracting and matching regular expressions from log data. Read More ›

Splunk Eval Examples  21 Mar 2021    splunk
Collection of examples of Splunk's eval command Read More ›

Splunk Groupby: Examples with Stats  20 Feb 2021    splunk
Examples on how to do aggregate operations on Splunk using the stats and timechart commands. Read More ›

Python Datetime with Timezones: Examples and Reference  03 Jan 2021    python datetime timezones
Examples on how to work with datetimes and timezones, using the standard python library, datetime. Read More ›

Splunk Examples: Timecharts  19 Dec 2020    splunk
Examples and reference for common configurations and use cases for the splunk timechart directive Read More ›

Suppressing, Ignoring Warnings in Python: Reference and Examples  11 Nov 2020    python
Examples on how to suppress warnings in python code, when needed. Can be used in standalone scripts, structured systems and/or jupyter notebooks. Read More ›

Pull-Requests: Best Practices and Lessons Learned  12 Oct 2020    soft-skills
Some tips and lessons learned on creating useful and pleasant PRs that are easy to review. Also some best practices on interacting with reviewers and peers in general. Read More ›

On Rolling out Backwards-Compatible Software Upgrades  10 Oct 2020    software-engineering software-architecture
Thoughts on how to deal with problems that arise from legacy systems that have grown too much; Read More ›

Pandas Dataframes: Apply Examples  26 Sep 2020    pandas
Examples on how to use pandas apply, on columns, dataframes, etc, with best practices and warnings about performance. Read More ›

Python: Working with Paths & the Filesystem  26 Sep 2020    python files paths
Several examples on how to work with paths and files in python, convert from relative to aboslute paths, check if a path points to a valid file, etc. Read More ›

11 Types of Data Products, with Examples  22 Sep 2020    product-management data-science data-products
Here is a list of data products you can build using various types of data science methods. Includes use cases and main techniques for each. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training  11 Sep 2020    paper-summary natural-language-processing sequence-learning transformer-architecture
Summary of the 2018 article "Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training" by Radford et al. Read More ›

Bash Examples: String Operations  09 Sep 2020    bash
How to interact with strings on bash scripts. Read More ›

jq: Sorting JSON objects  29 Aug 2020    jq
Just simple examples on how to sort objects with jq Read More ›

Pytest Options: Best Practices and Examples  23 Aug 2020    pytest python testing
Examples on how to use pytest to run tests, configure outputs, etc. Read More ›

Paper Summary: ULMFIT: Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification  22 Jul 2020    paper-summary natural-language-processing embeddings sequence-learning
Summary of the 2018 article "ULMFIT: Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification" by Howard and Ruder. Read More ›

Bash Shopt Examples  05 Jul 2020    bash
Examples and reference on how to work with options on bash scripts via the shopt command Read More ›

Paper Summary: Attention is All you Need  27 Jun 2020    paper-summary sequence-learning attention transformer-architecture
Summary of the 2017 article "Attention is All you Need" by Vaswani et al. Read More ›

Apache Browser Caching: Reference and Examples  24 May 2020    apache-24 caching
Example configurations and reference for setting up browser-side caching for files served by Apache 2.4. Read More ›

Setfacl Examples: Give Users and Groups Access to Files and Directories  23 May 2020    permissions filesystem
Examples on how to use the setfacl util to set permissions for specific users and groups to access files and directories on unix-based systems. Read More ›

Project Review: Text Classification of Legal Documents (Another one)  25 Apr 2020    project-review natural-language-processing
Short review with lessons learned for a contract project worked on during early 2020. The aim of the project was to classify documents into classes, with some peculiarities and specific rules. Read More ›

Python Imports: Reference and Examples  25 Apr 2020    python jupyter-notebooks
Examples on how to deal with imports in Python scripts and jupyter notebooks, how to add custom directories and import from those, etc. Read More ›

Matplotlib Subplots: Best Practices and Examples  20 Apr 2020    matplotlib
Examples on how to plot multiple plots on the same figure using Matplotlib and the interactive interface, pyplot. Includes common use cases and best practices. Read More ›

Dealing with Newline Issues on Text Files: Examples and Reference  09 Apr 2020    text-processing unix
How to work with problems in newline encodings in text files: Read More ›

Jupyter Notebook Extensions: Examples and Reference  03 Apr 2020    jupyter
Examples and reference on how to install and configure additional extensions for jupyter notebooks. Read More ›

Numpy Display Options: Examples and Reference  24 Mar 2020    numpy
Number formatting, array visualization and other options to visualize numpy elements, being especially useful for working in Jupyter notebooks. Read More ›

Pandas Display Options: Examples and Reference  24 Mar 2020    pandas
Variety of examples on how to set display options on Pandas, to control things like the number of rows, columns, number formatting, etc. Especially useful for working in Jupyter notebooks. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframes: CSV Quoting and Escaping Strategies  24 Mar 2020    pandas
Reading and writing pandas dataframes to CSV files in a way that's safe and avoiding problems due to quoting, escaping and encoding issues. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems  23 Mar 2020    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering technical-debt
Summary of the 2015 article "Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems" by Sculley et al. Read More ›

Scikit-learn Pipelines: Custom Transformers and Pandas integration  08 Mar 2020    pandas scikit-learn
Examples and reference on how to write customer transformers and how to create a single sklearn pipeline including both preprocessing steps and classifiers at the end, in a way that enables you to use pandas dataframes directly in a call to fit. Read More ›

Numpy Sampling: Reference and Examples  07 Mar 2020    numpy statistics
Sample from probability distributions and from lists, with and without weights. Examples using Python, Numpy and Scipy. Read More ›

Spark dataframe Examples: Reading and Writing Dataframes  23 Feb 2020    spark scala
Some examples on how to read and write spark dataframes from sources such as S3 and databricks file systems. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Software Engineering for Machine Learning: A Case Study  25 Jan 2020    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering software-engineering
Summary of the 2019 article "Software Engineering for Machine Learning: A Case Study" by Amershi et al. Read More ›

Git branching: Reference and Examples  23 Jan 2020    git
Common use cases and examples for using branches on git, locally and on remotes. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Neural Machine Translation by Jointly Learning to Align and Translate  11 Jan 2020    paper-summary attention sequence-learning machine-translation
Summary of the 2014 article "Neural Machine Translation by Jointly Learning to Align and Translate" by Bahdanau et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Failing Loudly: An Empirical Study of Methods for Detecting Dataset Shift  23 Dec 2019    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering
Summary of the 2019 article "Failing Loudly: An Empirical Study of Methods for Detecting Dataset Shift" by Rabanser et al. Read More ›

Python Unittest Examples: Mocking and Patching  09 Dec 2019    python testing
Simple examples to help you understand when/where to use mocking and patching, so you don't need to skip testing any part of your code. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Duplicated Data  17 Nov 2019    pandas
Deal with duplicated data in pandas: drop, count, show and mark duplicates in pandas dataframes. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Long Short-Term Memory  16 Nov 2019    paper-summary neural-networks sequence-learning
Summary of the 1997 article "Long Short-Term Memory" by Hochreiter and Schmidhuber. Read More ›

Spark SQL Case/When Examples  09 Nov 2019    spark
Case/when clauses are useful to mimic if/else behaviour in SQL and also spark, via when/otherwise clauses. Read More ›

Spark SQL Date/Datetime Function Examples  09 Nov 2019    spark-sql scala
Examples on how to use date and datetime functions for commonly used transformations in spark sql dataframes. Read More ›

Paper Summary: 150 Successful Machine Learning Models: 6 Lessons Learned at  09 Nov 2019    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering
Summary of the 2019 article "150 Successful Machine Learning Models: 6 Lessons Learned at" by Bernardi et al. Read More ›

Using Command-line Tools for Text Data Preprocessing: Examples and Reference  09 Nov 2019    gnu macos unix linux command-line data-science
Use native command-line tools for common tasks related to text preprocessing, like stripping bad characters, normalizing whitespace/newlines, replacing regular expressions, text normalization, etc. They're very fast and work surprisingly well. Read More ›

Matplotlib Errorbar Examples  06 Nov 2019    matplotlib
Examples on how to plot data including spread information such as standard deviations, variance, etc. Read More ›

Git Diff: Reference and Examples  24 Oct 2019    git
How to compare and show differences in files from different branches, different commits, etc. Read More ›

Scala Fold Examples  10 Oct 2019    scala
Examples and reference for Scala fold method. Read More ›

Paper Summary: TextRank: Bringing Order into Texts  16 Sep 2019    paper-summary natural-language-processing
Summary of the 2004 article "TextRank: Bringing Order into Texts" by Mihalcea and Tarau. Read More ›

Conda, Pip, Virtualenv and Pyenv: Commands Compared  16 Sep 2019    pip conda virtualenv
Equivalent commands for conda on the one hand and pip plus virtualenv on the other. Read More ›

GNU Gzip examples  15 Sep 2019    compression gzip
Examples on how to perform simple tasks using the gzip command (along with sister commands such as gunzip and zcat). Read More ›

Python Open File: Reference and Examples  15 Sep 2019    python files
Quick reference for how to open files in Python, encodings, modes, etc. Read More ›

People Skills for Data Science Projects: Lessons Learned  14 Sep 2019    data-science project-work
See a project go from start to finish, know how to create value with data science and machine learning. Read More ›

Python 3 String Operations  11 Sep 2019    python-3 strings
Common operations you will need to do on python strings, within the context of Natural Language Processing (NLP) or otherwise. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners  31 Aug 2019    paper-summary language-models
Summary of the 2019 article "Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners" by Radford et al. AKA the GPT-2 Article. Read More ›

Spark Dataframe Examples: Window Functions  22 Aug 2019    spark dataframes scala
Examples on how to do common operations using window functions in apache spark dataframes. Examples using the Spark Scala API. Read More ›

Pandas Indexing Examples: Accessing and Setting Values on DataFrames  21 Aug 2019    pandas dataframes
Some common ways to access rows in a pandas dataframe, includes label-based (loc) and position-based (iloc) accessing. Read More ›

Spark Dataframe Examples: Pivot and Unpivot Data  10 Aug 2019    spark scala
Pivoting and unpivoting are very commonly-used data transformation operations. Use them when you want to switch from a row-based to a column-based view and vice-versa. Read More ›

Jupyter Notebook Kernels: How to Add, Change, Remove  28 Jul 2019    jupyter-notebooks scala spark
Add, remove and change Kernels to use with Jupyter notebook Read More ›

Paper Summary: Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks  14 Jul 2019    paper-summary sequence-learning
Summary of the 2014 article "Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks" by Sutskever et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: A New Probabilistic Model for Title Generation  30 Jun 2019    paper-summary
Summary of the 2002 article "A New Probabilistic Model for Title Generation" by Jin and Hauptmann. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Text Summarization Techniques: A Brief Survey  29 Jun 2019    paper-summary surveys
Summary of the 2017 article "Text Summarization Techniques: A Brief Survey" by Allahyari et al. Read More ›

Choosing C Hyperparameter for SVM Classifiers: Examples with Scikit-Learn  20 Jun 2019    scikit-learn svm
Analysis of the effect of the C parameter on learning SVM models under a noisy data regime. With examples using the Python Library Scikit-learn. Read More ›

Michelangelo Palette Overview  08 Jun 2019    machine-learning-engineering
Overview of Palette, the feature store system that is part of Uber's Michelangelo Mahcine Learning Platform. Based off the talk given at Read More ›

Paper Summary: From Word to Sense Embeddings: A Survey on Vector Representations of Meaning  02 Jun 2019    paper-summary embeddings surveys
Summary of the 2018 article "From Word to Sense Embeddings: A Survey on Vector Representations of Meaning" by Camacho-Collados and Pilehvar. Read More ›

Helping Data Science Projects Succeed: 5 Tips on how to Avoid Becoming a Statistic  01 Jun 2019    projects data-science project-work
5 real-world tips to help you avoid failures in data science projects. Suitable for both practitioners and project leads. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe Examples: String Functions  01 Jun 2019    pandas
Pandas exposes a series of string methods that you can use on Series that contain string objects. These are useful for filtering dataframes among other uses. Read More ›

Paper Summary: DTATG: An Automatic Title Generator Based on Dependency Trees  30 May 2019    paper-summary
Summary of the 2017 article "DTATG: An Automatic Title Generator Based on Dependency Trees" by Shao and Wang. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with the Parameter Server  25 May 2019    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering distributed-computing
Summary of the 2014 article "Scaling Distributed Machine Learning with the Parameter Server" by Li et al. Read More ›

Traits of the Senior Developer  03 May 2019    engineering
Are you a senior software developer? Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Create and Append data  25 Mar 2019    pandas
Examples on how to create dataframes, using lists, dicts and creating empty dataframes then initializing it with data. Read More ›

Matplotlib Examples: Displaying and Configuring Legends  23 Mar 2019    matplotlib
Multiple examples on how to display and customize legends on matplotlib plots. Read More ›

The Calibration-Accuracy Plot: Introduction and Examples  17 Mar 2019    data-science calibration
Model scores don't always tell the whole story. It is much easier to interpret the outputs of machine learning models when the scores are well-calibrated probabilities. When a model's scores match probabilities, it is said that that model is well-calibrated. Read More ›

Pandas Time Series Examples: DatetimeIndex, PeriodIndex and TimedeltaIndex  10 Mar 2019    datetime pandas time-series
How and when to use special pandas Indexes such as DatetimeIndex, PeriodIndex and TimedeltaIndex. These will help you deal with and perform simple operations on time-series data. Read More ›

Pandas Concepts: Reference and Examples  10 Mar 2019    pandas
Short explanations with examples on the main concepts you'll find when using the Pandas library. Read More ›

Evaluation Metrics for Ranking problems: Introduction and Examples  24 Jan 2019    machine-learning model-evaluation
Explanation and examples on how to calculate the performance of ranked predictions for machine learning. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Large Margin Methods for Structured and Interdependent Output Variables  24 Jan 2019    paper-summary multi-label-learning structured-learning
Summary of the 2005 article "Large Margin Methods for Structured and Interdependent Output Variables" by Tsochantaridis et al. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Manipulating Date and Time  15 Jan 2019    pandas datetime
Some examples on how to manipulate dates and times in pandas Dataframes, perform date arithmetic, etc. Read More ›

Recommender Systems: Introduction and Examples  06 Jan 2019    recommender-systems
Quick introduction to recommender systems, use cases and main types. Read More ›

Git remote examples: Interacting with Github and other External Repos  18 Dec 2018    git
Examples on how to perform some common git tasks related to interacting with remotes Read More ›

Paper Summary: The Tradeoffs of Large Scale Learning  15 Dec 2018    paper-summary machine-learning
Summary of the 2007 article "The Tradeoffs of Large Scale Learning" by Bottou and Bousquet. Read More ›

Presto/Athena Examples: Date and Datetime functions  10 Dec 2018    presto datetime date athena
Functions for handling dates and datetimes in Presto and/or AWS Athena. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Column Operations  09 Dec 2018    pandas dataframes
Examples on how to modify pandas DataFrame columns, append columns to dataframes and otherwise transform individual columns. Read More ›

Numpy Array (ndarray) Examples  08 Dec 2018    numpy
Numpy Array-like data structures (ndarrays) are the bread and butter of a lot of data work done these days. Read More ›

Quick Summary + Thoughts on BigHead: AirBNB's ML Platform  03 Dec 2018    ml-platforms
Notes on AirBNB's Bighead ML platform, based off videos and presentations. Read More ›

AWS Glue: Introduction, Examples and Troubleshooting  01 Dec 2018    glue athena
Introduction, examples and troubleshooting tips for using AWS Glue. Read More ›

Thoughts on Michelangelo: Uber's Machine Learning Platform  20 Nov 2018    machine-learning-platforms
Reading and dissecting the way Uber does Machine Learning. Read More ›

Python 3 Subprocess Examples  03 Nov 2018    python3
Examples on how to spawn and control OS-level processes from a python script, using the new Subprocess module. Read More ›

Project Review: Text Classification of Legal Documents  02 Nov 2018    project-review natural-language-processing
Lessons learned from a data science project. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures  02 Nov 2018    paper-summary machine-learning
Summary of the 2001 article "Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures" by Leo Breiman. Read More ›

Gnu Awk: One-line Examples  28 Sep 2018    awk
Examples on how to use awk commands to process text information on shell scripts. Read More ›

Interactive controls for Jupyter notebooks: Python Examples  20 Sep 2018    jupyter python
Examples on how to add interactive controls to jupyter notebooks. Read More ›

Caching Function Results in Python: Examples using Joblib and Functools  15 Sep 2018    python caching
In many cases (web development, data analysis, etc) it's useful to be able to store results that take long to re-compute. These solutions allow you to save results (either in memory or on disk) so that all function calls after the first one become constant-time lookups. Read More ›

Risk in Machine Learning Models  06 Sep 2018    data-science
Machine Learning models can make actual decisions that affect your business. However, things can go wrong, which introduces risk that must be dealt with. Read More ›

Paper Summary: SMOTE: Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique  02 Sep 2018    paper-summary
Summary of the 2002 article "SMOTE: Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique" by Chawla et al. Read More ›

Heads-up for Deploying Scikit-learn Models to Production: Quick Checklist  01 Sep 2018    scikit-learn production machine-learning-engineering
A couple of tips for addressing common problems and unexpected situations when using scikit-learn models in production.. Read More ›

Cross-Validation Examples with Scikit-Learn  01 Sep 2018    scikit-learn
Using cross-validation within scikit-learn. Read More ›

Mutate for Pandas Dataframes: Examples with Assign  15 Jul 2018    pandas
Assign is a function that mutates a dataframe in place and can be used for chained operations. Read More ›

Pandas Query Examples: SQL-like queries in dataframes  05 Jul 2018    pandas
Use SQL-like syntax to perform in-place queries on pandas dataframes. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Multi-Label Classification on Tree- and DAG-Structured Hierarchies  02 Jul 2018    paper-summary multi-label structured-learning hierarchical-learning natural-language-processing
Summary of the 2011 article "Multi-Label Classification on Tree- and DAG-Structured Hierarchies" by Bi and Kwok. Read More ›

Paper Summary: The Natural Language Decathlon: Multitask Learning as Question Answering  30 Jun 2018    paper-summary natural-language-processing
Summary of the 2018 article "The Natural Language Decathlon: Multitask Learning as Question Answering" by McCann et al. Read More ›

Example Project Template: Serve a Scikit-learn Model via a Flask API  27 Jun 2018    flask scikit-learn
Full (albeit simple) example on how to create a simple Flask API to serve predictions using a pre-trained scikit-learn model. Includes supporting features such as logging, error handling, input validation, etc. Full code available on Github. Read More ›

Default Permissions for Users, Directories and Files on Linux: Examples  23 Jun 2018    permissions linux
Set default permissions for all files/directories created by a user on Linux using umask. Additionally, use Access Control Lists (ACLs) for all files and directories created under a given directory too. Read More ›

Add Labels and Text to Matplotlib Plots: Annotation Examples  23 Jun 2018    matplotlib labels annotation
Examples on how to add simple annotations and labels to your matplotlib plots. Read More ›

How to Structure Software Projects: Python Example  22 Jun 2018    software-engineering
Here are a couple of templates to structure software projects. You need to think about structure because it is the single largest threat to your codebase as your project grows from small to medium-largish size. If you neglect to maintain project structure you risk having your project suffer death by entropy. Read More ›

Crypto Asset Overview: Ravencoin  16 Jun 2018    cryptoassets
Short overview with the least you need to know about Ravencoin and the RVN token. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe: Union and Concat Examples  14 Jun 2018    pandas
Emulate SQL union and union all behaviour, among other stuff. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe: Replace Examples  14 Jun 2018    dataframe
Call the replace method on Pandas dataframes to quickly replace values in the whole dataframe, in a single column, etc. Read More ›

Crypto Asset Overview: 0x Project and the ZRX Token  05 Jun 2018    cryptoassets
Short overview with the least you need to know about the 0x protocol Read More ›

Latex Image Examples: Sizing, Positioning, Captioning, etc  03 Jun 2018    latex
Examples on how to work with images on LaTeX and platforms that support it, such as ShareLaTeX and Overleaf. Read More ›

Evaluation Metrics for Regression Problems: Quick examples + Reference  26 May 2018    machine-learning metrics
Regression problems are evaluated against specific metrics that analyze whether the residuals (difference between actual and predicted values) indicate that a fitted model is a good fit for the data. Here are some of the most commonly-used metrics in that domain. Read More ›

Vim Examples: Search and Replace  24 May 2018    vim
Examples on how to search and replace text on Vim; simple exmaples, using regexes, etc. Read More ›

Paper Summary: A Simple but Tough-to-beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings  13 May 2018    paper-summary embeddings compositionality natural-language-processing
Summary of the 2017 article "A Simple but Tough-to-beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings" by Arora et al. Read More ›

Scikit-Learn examples: Making Dummy Datasets  02 May 2018    scikit-learn
Make dummy datasets to test out classifiers and/or parameter configurations in Scikit-learn. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Context is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces  01 May 2018    paper-summary compositionality embeddings natural-language-processing
Summary of the 2018 article "Context is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces" by Zelikman, where the author introduces CoSal weighting for bag-of-words vectors. Read More ›

Podcast Episode Overview: What Machine Learning Engineers need to Know  23 Apr 2018    data-science peopleware data-newsletter-5 machine-learning-engineering
Overview of a great podcast episode on how much (if at all) we need a new role for data teams, namely Machine Learning Engineers. Read More ›

Visualizing Machine Learning Models: Examples with Scikit-learn, XGB and Matplotlib  23 Apr 2018    matplotlib machine-learning scikit-learn
Examples on how to use matplotlib and Scikit-learn together to visualize the behaviour of machine learning models, conduct exploratory analysis, etc. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe: Merge and Join Examples  17 Apr 2018    pandas
Examples on how to use pandas.merge to do SQL-style joins on pandas dataframes. Read More ›

Introduction to AUC and Calibrated Models with Examples using Scikit-Learn  15 Apr 2018    machine-learning data-science model-evaluation
Inspired by a podcast episode by Linear Digressions, which talks about what AUC is and what it is not and why you need well calibrated models if you want to treat their outputs as probabilities. Read More ›

Corda Framework Overview + Examples  07 Apr 2018    dlt jvm
Overview of the main concepts of the Corda framework for building decentralized applications based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Read More ›

Python Dict Examples  31 Mar 2018    python
Examples of common dict operations. Includes mapping, filtering, dict comprehension and how to work with ordered dicts. Read More ›

Similarity measures and distances: Basic reference and examples for data science practitioners  10 Mar 2018    data-science
Measuring how far apart two points are is not as simple as you think and knowing how to use each can make predictive or exploratory models perform either very poorly or very well. Reference and examples including euclidean distance, manhattan distance, mahalanobis distance, etc. Read More ›

Python Docstrings: Reference & Examples  24 Feb 2018    python documentation testing
Examples to help you document your Python code using any of the commonly used docstring styles. Read More ›

Crypto Asset Overview: Augur Project  18 Feb 2018    cryptoassets
Short overview with the least you need to know about the Augur project and the REP token. Read More ›

Python Logging: Reference and Examples  17 Feb 2018    python logging
Examples on how to setup and configure logging in Python applications. Examples include log rotation, log rotation with compression, logging in Flask applications, etc. Read More ›

Crypto Asset Overview: RChain Cooperative (RHOC)  16 Feb 2018    cryptoassets
Short overview with the least you need to know about the RChain Cooperative. Read More ›

Python Unit Testing with unittest: Reference and Examples  12 Feb 2018    python testing
Testing is needed in all but the most trivial applications. The unittest module is very widely used in Python because it's part of the standard library, starting with Python 2.1. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Proc Freq  08 Feb 2018    sas
Proc freq is one of the most useful SAS proc for data analysis. Here are a couple of example to help you quickly put it to use. Read More ›

Crypto Asset Overview: Oyster Protocol  29 Jan 2018    cryptoassets ads file-storage
Short overview with the least you need to know about Oyster (PRL). Read More ›

Vim Examples: Configuration and the vimrc file  20 Jan 2018    vim
Examples of configuration items you can adjust on vim to have it behave the way you want. Read More ›

Vim Examples: Navigation  20 Jan 2018    vim
Examples on how to move around in vim. Includes things moving across lines, columns, words, etc. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Survey Select  20 Jan 2018    sas
Examples on ways to generate samples from data using SAS. Read More ›

Crypto Asset Overview: Particl (PART)  13 Jan 2018    cryptoassets
Comment on Particl, a crypto asset built for private marketplaces. Read More ›

Linux/Unix Shell Scripting Examples: SSH  06 Jan 2018    bash shell ssh
Examples on how to use SSH to connect to/from remote Linux/Unix machines. Read More ›

Unix cut command: Reference and Examples  22 Dec 2017    unix
The Unix cut command can be used for extracting parts of strings. It's very often used to parse command output. Read More ›

Bash Scripting Examples: Iteration and Arrays  22 Dec 2017    bash
Examples on how to use arrays, iterate through items in arrays, etc. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe: Plot Examples with Matplotlib and Pyplot  22 Dec 2017    pandas pyplot matplotlib dataframes
Examples on how to plot data directly from a Pandas dataframe, using matplotlib and pyplot. Read More ›

Python CSV Module: Reference and Examples  12 Dec 2017    python csv
Examples on how to read and write CSV files and configure Python's CSV module. Read More ›

Connect to Jupyter Notebook Running on EC2 Instance  09 Dec 2017    jupyter ec2
Spin up and connect to a Jupyter notebook running on a remote EC2 instance. Read More ›

Failed to Connect via SSH to a new Deep Learning AMI EC2 on AWS  09 Dec 2017    aws
Simple Guide to troubleshoot connection issues on Deep Learning AMIs on AWS. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents  29 Nov 2017    paper-summary
Summary of the 2014 article "Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents" by Le and Mikolov. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Numeric/Character Conversions  28 Nov 2017    sas
Converting values from/to character and numeric values is one of the most common operations in SAS. Here are some examples of things you may want to do. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Proc SQL  28 Nov 2017    sas
Examples on how to write some common operations in SAS Proc SQL. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Arrays and Variable Lists  28 Nov 2017    sas
Examples on how to use arrays and variable lists in SAS. Read More ›

SAS Macro Examples - Control Structures  28 Nov 2017    sas
Example on how to use control structures on SAS Macros. Read More ›

Churn Analysis 101: Quick Introduction and Key Concepts  27 Nov 2017    churn data-science
Simple definitions for churn analysis. Read More ›

Churn Analysis 101: Quick Introduction, Key Concepts  27 Nov 2017    churn data-science
Simple definitions for churn analysis. Read More ›

Gaussian Processes for Classification and Regression: Introduction and Usage  19 Nov 2017    machine-learning statistics
Study guide for understanding Gaussian Processes (also Sparse Gaussian Processes) as applied to classification in machine learning. Read More ›

Package a Python Project and Make it Available via pip install: Simple Example  15 Nov 2017    python data-newsletter-6
It's easy to package some code you wrote as a package. Publish your Python code to PyPi to have other people use and contribute to it! Read More ›

Pip Install a Project having a file: an Example  11 Nov 2017    python
You can use pip to install a Python project that uses a setup file. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Multi-instance multi-label learning for automatic tag recommendation  05 Nov 2017    paper-summary multi-label tags
Summary of the 2009 article "Multi-instance multi-label learning for automatic tag recommendation" by Shen et al. Read More ›

Python number formatting examples  05 Nov 2017    python formatting
Examples on how to format numbers in Python, e.g. rounding, truncating, etc. Read More ›

Linux File Processing: head and tail examples  27 Oct 2017    linux
GNU utilities head and tail are very useful for text file processing under Linux and other unix-based OSs. Read More ›

Scikit-Learn Pipeline Examples  21 Oct 2017    scikit-learn
Examples of how to use classifier pipelines on Scikit-learn. Includes examples on cross-validation regular classifiers, meta classifiers such as one-vs-rest and also keras models using the scikit-learn wrappers. Read More ›

Kaggle NYC Taxi Trips Competition: Overview and Results  17 Oct 2017    kaggle
Overview of Kaggle competition: New York City Taxi Trip Duration. Read More ›

Python on Jupyter notebooks: Reference for Common Use Cases  16 Oct 2017    jupyter python
Getting more done with Jupyter notebook, with useful shortcuts and commonly-used functionality. Read More ›

Pandas DataFrame: GroupBy Examples  11 Oct 2017    pandas groupby
Examples of specific ways to do what you want using groupby on Pandas Dataframes. Read More ›

Scaling Data Teams  09 Oct 2017    data-science data-newsletter-5
Needs of data teams are mostly around data access and sharing; Columnar databases are often more efficient for analytics; MS Excel is useful at many scales; Stakeholder communication is important to make your work more relevant; Use metrics to get to know how data products are being used. Read More ›

Matplotlib: Pyplot By Example  05 Oct 2017    pyplot matplotlib
Examples for common operations on PyPlot, like changing figure size, changing title and tick sizes, changing legends, etc. Read More ›

Paper Summary: WSABIE: Scaling Up To Large Vocabulary Image Annotation  05 Oct 2017    paper-summary embeddings tags
Summary of the 2011 article "WSABIE: Scaling Up To Large Vocabulary Image Annotation" by Weston et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Recursive Neural Language Architecture for Tag Prediction  05 Oct 2017    paper-summary tags neural-nets embeddings
Summary of the 2016 article "Recursive Neural Language Architecture for Tag Prediction" by Kataria. Read More ›

Thoughts on App Monetization with Examples from Popular Apps  05 Oct 2017    monetization
A couple of thoughts on what approaches seem to work best when optimizing monetization on web/mobile apps. Tips include: Focus on the First Purchase, Mix Free and Paid Features on the same interface, Give away freebies consistently. Read More ›

Parallel For Loops in Python: Examples with Joblib  02 Oct 2017    python parallel
Joblib.Parallel is a simple way to spread your for loops across multiple cores, for parallel execution. Read More ›

How to Make Gif Animations from Screencasts on Ubuntu  01 Oct 2017    ubuntu animations
To make short gif-videos on Ubuntu, you can use Kazam for the Screencasts and then Gifify to turn those videos into gif animations. Read More ›

How to Change the Default Application for a given Extension on Ubuntu  01 Oct 2017    ubuntu
Change the default applications used by certain file extensions. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Translating Embeddings for Modeling Multi-relational Data  01 Oct 2017    embeddings structure paper-summary neural-networks
Summary of the 2013 article "Translating Embeddings for Modeling Multi-relational Data" by Bordes et al. Read More ›

Feature Scaling: Quick Introduction and Examples using Scikit-learn  27 Sep 2017    data-science python data-preprocessing
Feature Scaling techniques (rescaling, standardization, mean normalization, etc) are useful for all sorts of machine learning approaches and *critical* for things like k-NN, neural networks and anything that uses SGD (stochastic gradient descent), not to mention text processing systems. Included examples: rescaling, standardization, scaling to unit length, using scikit-learn. Read More ›

Matplotlib, Pyplot, Pylab etc: What's the difference between these and when to use each?  26 Sep 2017    python data-visualization data-newsletter-5
Do you often get confused with terms like maptlotlib, pyplot, pylab, figures, axes, gcf, gca, etc and wonder what they mean? Matplotlib is the toolkit, PyPlot is an interactive way to use Matplotlib and PyLab is the same thing as PyPlot but with some extra shortcuts. Read More ›

5 Tips for moving your Data Science Operation to the next Level  26 Sep 2017    data-newsletter-5 data-science best-practices
Principles for disciplined data science include: Discoverability, Automation, Collaboration, Empowerment and Deployment. Read More ›

Highlights of the Talk with Dr. Konstan on Recommender Systems  24 Sep 2017    recommender-systems data-newsletter-5
Some highlights of the Podcast Episode with Dr. Joseph Konstan on interesting topics related to Recommender Systems. Discussed topics include serendipity, serpentining, diversity and temporal effects. Read More ›

Seaborn by Example: Data Visualization and Plotting using Python  09 Sep 2017    python data-visualization plotting
Seaborn is a higher-level interface to Matplotlib. It has a more convenient API and has useful data visualization functions right out of the box. Read More ›

Data Provenance: Quick Summary + Reasons Why  07 Sep 2017    data-newsletter-5 data-science
Data Provenance (also called Data Lineage) is version control for data. It refers to keeping track of modifications to datasets you use and train models on. This is crucial in data science projects if you need to ensure data quality and reproducibility. Read More ›

Thoughts on Engaging Users in Social Tagging Systems  05 Sep 2017    social-tagging
Some thoughts on how social tagging systems can foster user engagement with appropriate incentives. Read More ›

Lessons from the Netflix Prize: Changing Requirements and Cost-Effectiveness  04 Sep 2017    data-newsletter-4 recommender-systems
Netflix never really used the #1 winning solution to the Netflix Challenge. Some of the reasons were that just wasn't cost-effective to implement the full thing and another was that requirements had changed. Read More ›

Winning Solutions Overview: Kaggle Instacart Competition  04 Sep 2017    data-newsletter-4 kaggle data-science
The Instacart "Market Basket Analysis" competition focused on predicting repeated orders based upon past behaviour. Among the best-ranking solutings, there were many approaches based on gradient boosting and feature engineering and one approach based on end-to-end neural networks. Read More ›

A Quick Summary of Ensemble Learning Strategies  01 Sep 2017    data-newsletter-4 machine-learning
Ensemble learning refers to mixing the outputs of several classifiers in various ways, so as to get a better result than each classifier individually. Read More ›

Evaluation Metrics for Classification Problems: Quick Examples + References  31 Aug 2017    data-newsletter-4 machine-learning model-evaluation
There are multiple ways to measure your model's performance in machine learning, depending upon what objectives you have in mind. Some of the most important are Accuracy, Precision, Recall, F1 and AUC. Read More ›

Pandas for Large Data: Examples and Tips  13 Aug 2017    pandas performance
In order to successfully work with large data on Pandas, there are some ways to reduce memory usage and make sure you get good speed performance. Read More ›

Suggestions on how to make LinkedIn more relevant  04 Aug 2017    metrics linkedin
LinkedIn is a nice platform for connecting to professional peers but its real value lies, in my opinion, in its potential to the *the* global professional rating system. But it needs some improvement. Read More ›

Quick Reminder: Clustering  29 Jul 2017    reminder hierarchy clustering
Quick reminder on key points regarding clustering (hierarchical and otherwise) Read More ›

Install NodeJS and NPM on Ubuntu  28 Jul 2017    nodejs npm ubuntu
Installing the latest NPM + NodeJS on Ubuntu Read More ›

Python Pickle: examples and reference  12 Jul 2017    python pickle
Pickle is a well-known Python tool for saving arbitrary variable contents into file. Here are a couple of examples and tips on how you can use it to make your data science work more efficient and easily reproducible. Read More ›

Using AWS CodePipeline to Automatically Deploy and Build your App Stored on Github as a Docker-based Beanstalk Application  07 Jul 2017    codebuild codepipeline docker beanstalk continuous-integration continuous-deployment
A full guide on how to set up a continuous deployment pipeline using GitHub and AWS CodePipeline, in order to deploy a Docker-based Beanstalk Application. Read More ›

Scala Testing with Scalatest: Reference and Examples  06 Jul 2017    testing scala
Simple examples using ScalaTest to test your Scala projects. Full introduction and examples of all major testing styles supported by this framework. Read More ›

Debugging NullPointerException in Apache Spark  04 Jun 2017    spark nullpointerexception
A lot of things can go wrong when writing distributed code in Spark. Here's a couple of ways to work around/debug NullPointerExceptions. Read More ›

7z: 7zip Usage Examples on Linux  03 Jun 2017    7zip linux
Examples on how to use 7zip to extract and compress data on Linux. Read More ›

Machine Learning and Data Science: Generally Applicable Tips and Tricks  18 May 2017    machine-learning data-science best-practices
A couple of general, practical tips and tricks that may be used when dealing with data science and/or machine learning problems. Read More ›

Installing and Configuring Golang 1.8 on Ubuntu 16.04  24 Apr 2017    golang ubuntu 16
Short guide to installing and configuring Go v1.8 on Ubuntu 16.04. Read More ›

LaTeX: Table Examples  08 Apr 2017    latex
Couple of examples on how to achieve certain table layouts in LaTeX and platforms that support it, such as ShareLaTeX and Overleaf. Read More ›

Data-related Job Descriptions: Making of a Data Team  19 Mar 2017    data-science
A simple description of some common job titles / positions of may come across when looking at the data work landscape. See what positions may be best suited for yourself and your company. Read More ›

Scikit-Learn Cheatsheet: Reference and Examples  10 Mar 2017    scikit-learn
Just a couple of things you may find yourself doing over and over again when working with scikit-learn. Read More ›

PostgreSQL Common Operations: Reference + Examples  10 Mar 2017    postgres sql ubuntu
Common operations you may first yourself doing over and over again when dealing with PostgreSQL databases. Unless otherwise stated, examples assume version 9 or later, running on Ubuntu. Read More ›

Tricks for Training Neural Nets Faster  20 Feb 2017    neural-nets performance
Tricks and Practical tips for training neural nets faster. Credit is mostly to Geoff Hinton and Yann LeCun. Read More ›

Error when running plot on Octave: Xlib extension GLX missing on display  07 Feb 2017    octave ubuntu
The easiest way to fix this problem is to configure Octave to use gnuplot instead of OpenGL. Read More ›

Python Json Module: Reference and Examples  16 Jan 2017    python json
Examples and best practices for using the python json module. Includes common operations such as reading, writing and formatting as well as solutions to common problems. Read More ›

Logback Reference + Examples  05 Jan 2017    logback
Python Command-Line Scripts: Reference  04 Jan 2017    python cli command-line
Apache Spark Architecture Overview: Jobs, Stages, Tasks, etc  03 Jan 2017    spark architecture
Quick overview of the main architecture components involved in running spark jobs, so you can better understand how to make the best possible use of resources. Read More ›

HDFS Commands: Reference and Examples  25 Dec 2016    hadoop hdfs
List of HDFS commands for filesystem management, along with common use cases. Read More ›

Installing CUDA TK 8 and Tensorflow on a Clean Ubuntu 16.04 Install  24 Dec 2016    ubuntu 16.04 cuda tensorflow
Guiding you through installing the correct NVIDIA drivers, CUDA, cuDNN and tensorflow on an Ubuntu 16.04 box. Read More ›

AWS Kinesis Common Operations using the AWS CLI: Reference & Examples  21 Dec 2016    aws kinesis awscli
A couple of commands you can issue to a Kinesis stream from the AWS cli. Read More ›

Typescript Examples: Type Casting and Type Conversions  20 Dec 2016    typescript
Examples on how to convert between types and/or cast in Typescript. Read More ›

Troubleshooting Ubuntu 16.04 Installation/Graphics card on a new Dell Notebook  17 Dec 2016    ubuntu 16.04 troubleshooting dell
Commonly-used Docker Commands: Reference and Examples  15 Dec 2016    docker
Docker commands you'll find yourself using often. Things like build images, starting containers, accessing containers, etc. Read More ›

Spark Streaming: Commong Pitfalls and Tips for Long-running Streaming Applications  11 Dec 2016    spark-streaming
Running Spark Streaming applications may introduce a couple of problems that you may not face when you are running Spark on Batch mode. Here are a couple of things you may need to take into account to keep long-running spark streaming jobs running smoothly. Read More ›

Bash Regular Expressions: Reference and Examples  04 Dec 2016    bash" regular-expressions
Lots of examples on how to use regular expressions with bash scripts. Read More ›

ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException: Spark Application Stuck in ACCEPTED state on YARN  13 Nov 2016    emr yarn spark
ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException may be cause because the log directory have become too crowded with data. Read More ›

Akka-http Common Operations: Reference + Examples  03 Nov 2016    akka-http akka wip
A couple of things I find myself doing very often when I use akka-http. I believe these may be useful for others too. Read More ›

Looking for Things and using the History on Git: Examples and Reference  28 Sep 2016    git
Couple of examples of how to correctly use git log and other commands that let you use git to search your history for modifications, commit messages and so on. Read More ›

Setup Keras+Theano Backend and GPU on Ubuntu 16.04  11 Sep 2016    keras gpu theano
A couple of pointers on how to get up and running with Keras and Theano on a clean 16.04 Ubuntu machine. Read More ›

Numpy/Scipy Distributions and Statistical Operations: Examples & Reference  10 Sep 2016    numpy statistics
A couple of examples of things you will probably want to do when using numpy and scipy for data work, such as probability distributions, PDFs, CDFs, etc. Read More ›

Docker examples: Cleaning up unused Resources  24 Aug 2016    docker
Publishing an SBT Project onto Bintray: an Example  20 Aug 2016    sbt bintray
A quick example explaining everything you need to do to package an SBT project and publish the binary JAR to bintray, where it can be made available for others too! Read More ›

Json Schema Examples  17 Aug 2016    json wip
POSIX Shell Tests and Conditionals: Examples and Reference  13 Aug 2016    bash posix-shell
Add a Github Project as a Dependency in SBT  13 Aug 2016    sbt
Small example on how to quickly add a project you found on github to your own project as a dependency. Read More ›

Typescript Control Stuctures: Examples + Reference  09 Aug 2016    wip typescript
Package Management with NPM: Examples and Common Use Cases  08 Aug 2016    wip npm
Javascript/Typescript Date and time Operations: Examples using Moment.js  02 Aug 2016    wip typescript date javascript
Gnu Xargs: Examples  28 Jul 2016    xargs
Angular 2 App Running on Nginx on Docker: A Simple Example  25 Jul 2016    docker angular 2 nginx
POSIX Shell: Basic Examples and Common Operations  13 Jul 2016    shell sh posix-shell
Python Datetime Examples  04 Jul 2016    python3 date datetime
Examples on how to create and manipulate date and datetime objects using Python. Read More ›

Packaging an Akka-http Application using SBT and Docker: Simple Example  29 Jun 2016    docker akka-http sbt
A simple example displaying common akka-http use cases and a couple of tips and hints to guide you through packaging a full app as a Docker container, so that you can deploy it anywhere you want. Read More ›

Migrating a Project from Spray to Akka-http: General Tips and Reference  29 May 2016    akka-http spray scala
Troublesshooting Akka: ClassNotFoundException: akka.event.slf4j.Slf4jLoggingFilter  19 May 2016    akka slf4j scala
Java.time API: Examples and Reference in Scala  01 Apr 2016    java 8 datetime scala
Working with Files & Directories in Python  26 Mar 2016    python
Examples on how to perform filesystem-related tasks using python. Tasks include reading and writing to files, listings files and manipulating the path. Read More ›

Python Environment Overview  25 Mar 2016    python
Short and concise descriptions of the major projects/tools related to managing python projects, dependencies and environments. Includes information on Anaconda, Pip, Virtualenv and related projects. Read More ›

Using the AWS CLI to manage Spark Clusters on EMR: Examples and Reference  23 Mar 2016    emr cli spark
Update Java to JDK 8 on Amazon Elastic MapReduce  22 Mar 2016    emr spark java 8
Python Regular Expressions: Examples & Reference  17 Mar 2016    python-3 regular-expressions
Linux most: Usage Examples for a Little Known Pager Tool  15 Mar 2016    linux
Comparing Interactive Solutions for Running Scala and Spark: Zeppelin, Spark-notebook and Jupyter-scala  07 Mar 2016    notebook interactive scala spark zeppelin
Zip/Unzip on Linux: Reference and Examples  05 Mar 2016    zip linux
Json4s Examples: Common Basic Operations using Jackson as Backend  29 Feb 2016    json scala json4s
Json4s is one of the best libraries for manipulating json in Scala. Here are some examples and common use cases you may have come across and some you perhaps haven't. Read More ›

Apache Zeppelin, Spark Streaming and Amazon Kinesis: Simple Guide and Examples  19 Feb 2016    emr spark zeppelin kinesis wip
Elasticsearch: Bulk Inserting Examples  16 Feb 2016    elasticsearch
Elasticsearch Mappings: Examples on how to Create, Edit, Remove  16 Feb 2016    elasticsearch
Fully Customized Json Validators for the Play 2 Framework: Explanation and Example  05 Jan 2016    play 2 json
Play 2 Allows a lot of flexibility for defining custom rules for JSON validation but if you want full control over how JSON is validated against a case class (including conditions that depend on more than one attribute and custom error messages) you need to write custom readers for your classes. Read More ›

Usability Best Practices for the Busy Programmer: Two Principles to Keep in Mind  30 Dec 2015    consistency usability robustness ux best practices ui
Here I'll explain **two things** you (in the very least) need to take into account in order to have systems you create be efficiently used by your end users. Read More ›

Java 8 Timezones: Examples in Scala  23 Dec 2015    java 8 datetime scala
Many Scala examples of the new Java 8 `java.time` API, focusing on ways to deal with and encode Timezone information in your objects. Read More ›

Pandas DataFrame by Example  15 Dec 2015    pandas python
Lots of examples of ways to use one of the most versatile data structures in the whole Python data analysis stack. Learn how to slice and dice, select and perform commonly used operations on DataFrames. Read More ›

One-Hot Encoding a Feature on a Pandas Dataframe: Examples  27 Nov 2015    pandas
One-hot encoding is a simple way to transform categorical features into vectors that are easy to deal with. Learn how to do this on a Pandas DataFrame. Read More ›

Spark DataFrame UDFs: Scala Examples  11 Nov 2015    spark udf scala
Add an Apache Zeppelin UI to your Spark cluster on AWS EMR  10 Nov 2015    aws emr spark zeppelin
Creating a Spark Cluster on AWS EMR: a Tutorial  10 Nov 2015    aws emr spark
AWS now provides full support for Spark Clusters within Elastic MapReduce (EMR). It's very simples and you just need a couple of minutes to learn how to do it. Read More ›

Window Resolution too Small When Running Ubuntu 14.04 on Virtualbox  31 Oct 2015    virtualbox ubuntu 14
Spark SQL: Examples on pyspark  18 Oct 2015    pyspark spark-sql
Logrotate on Ubuntu: Configuration Examples & Reference  07 Oct 2015    log wip
Basic Vector and Matrix Operations in Julia: Quick Reference and Examples  30 Sep 2015    julia
How to Setup a Proxy over an SSH Tunnel on Ubuntu: Examples with Firefox and Chrome  24 Sep 2015    ssh tunnel proxy ubuntu
Creating Scala Fat Jars for Spark on SBT with sbt-assembly Plugin  18 Sep 2015    sbt hadoop spark sbt-assembly
Changing the name of a Composer Package upon Install  16 Sep 2015    composer
Spark-submit: Examples and Reference  13 Sep 2015    spark scala
GNU Split: Examples and Reference  07 Sep 2015    split gnu
Hadoop Command-line: Quick reference for Common Commands  07 Sep 2015    hadoop ubuntu
Deleting old Marvel Indices  04 Sep 2015    marvel elasticsearch
Deadbolt 2 for the Play Framework in Scala: Defining a custom Handler  02 Sep 2015    deadbolt play play 2 authorization
AWS Examples: Mounting an EBS Volume on a Linux EC2 Instance  27 Aug 2015    aws ec2 ebs
Amazon S3: Common CLI Commands & Reference  26 Aug 2015    s3
Examples on how to work on common tasks related to S3 and S3 buckets. Read More ›

Elastic MapReduce: merge Outputs from multiple Reducers into a single file  19 Aug 2015    hadoop emr mapreduce
Different Levels of Engagement with your Customers  04 Aug 2015    users marketing
Swagger 2.0 Examples  24 Jun 2015    swagger
Slick 3 Reference and Examples  18 Jun 2015    slick 3 slick scala orm frm
Word2vec Quick Tutorial using the Default Implementation in C  23 May 2015    word2vec word-embeddings
What do 'store', 'index', '_all', '_source' mean in Elasticsearch?  21 May 2015    elasticsearch
How to Beat Google  03 May 2015    google innovation
Attaching Sources to a Scala Project on IDEA Intellij  24 Apr 2015    scala idea intellij
On How to Live  18 Apr 2015    politics
Functional Programming with Python: Quick Reference with Examples  16 Apr 2015    python functional programming
Vagrant Desktop (GUI-Enabled) Boxes  13 Apr 2015    virtualbox gui vagrant
Getting started with Python NLTk on Ubuntu  29 Mar 2015    python nltk
Play 2 Framework with Scala: Complex JSON Validator Examples  09 Mar 2015    scala play2 json forms validation
Elasticsearch Index Management: Quick Intro and Examples  04 Mar 2015    elasticsearch
Genius vs Perseverance in the Technology Industry  27 Feb 2015    process productivity value
Scala Slick: Simple Example on Connecting to a PostgreSQL Database  14 Jan 2015    slick postgres
Yii2: Partial View Examples  11 Jan 2015    yii2 views
Hard Disk and Space Management on Linux: Reference & Examples  07 Jan 2015    linux disk
Commonly used commands to find out what directories are consuming the most space, partitions, etc. Read More ›

Why I'm not A Socialist: Two reasons  05 Jan 2015    politics socialism
Yii Routes and URL Generation: Quick Explanation and Examples  02 Jan 2015    route yii
A Small Overview of Big Data  26 Dec 2014    big data
Javascript Example: Preventing Page Scroll/Hiccups on Refresh or Navigation using ScrollSneak  23 Dec 2014    html javascript
Using Ubuntu Old Resources Repositories for Raring  14 Dec 2014    ubuntu
Slick DB Sessions in Play 2 Framework for Scala  03 Dec 2014    scala implicit slick database
Performance Tips for Scala IDE for Eclipse  25 Nov 2014    performance eclipse scala
Functional Programming with Ruby: Procs, Lambdas, Closures and Functions  25 Nov 2014    ruby functional programming
Slick 2 Examples: Querying and Modifying Data  20 Nov 2014    slick scala
Elasticsearch Examples: Viewing Cluster, Node and Index State  18 Nov 2014    elasticsearch
On Coding Consistency  13 Nov 2014    consistency process
Scala Goodies: Pattern matching with typed lists or Working around Scala's type erasure  06 Nov 2014    scala types
Scala Imports: Quick Intro and Examples  03 Nov 2014    scala import
Elasticsearch: too many open files  27 Oct 2014    elasticsearch troubleshooting
Scala Examples - Sorting Lists and other Collections in Scala  26 Oct 2014    scala lists ordering
Templates for Slick Domain Classes mapping to DB Tables  21 Oct 2014    slick
Scala Slick: Dealing with Datetime/Timestamp Attributes  10 Oct 2014    scala slick database orm frm datetime
Play-slick Plugin Error Message: NoClassDefFoundError: org/reflections/scanners/TypesScanner  09 Oct 2014    slick error play2
Working with JSON data on the Play Framework for Scala: Examples  09 Oct 2014    scala json play
Scala Futures: simple Explanation with Examples  07 Oct 2014    scala futures concurrency
Slick Error Message: 'value tupled is not a member of object'  30 Sep 2014    slick scala play
Elastic4s DSL Examples and Reference  20 Sep 2014    elastic4s
Play2 Scala: Forms and Validations  19 Sep 2014    scala forms play-framework
Scala Functions: Examples and Reference  14 Sep 2014    scala functions syntax
Elasticsearch JSON Querying: Reference and Examples  10 Sep 2014    elasticsearch query
Scala Regular Expressions: Examples & Reference  08 Sep 2014    scala regular-expressions string
Yii 2 Examples on Using Forms and Fields  03 Sep 2014    yii2 forms
Disabling SSH Timeout When Connecting to/from Ubuntu  17 Aug 2014    ssh ubuntu timeout
Increase the time a SSH connection stays open even when you are idle, so that the terminal doesn't freeze and you can keep working. Read More ›

Error when installing angular-seed on Ubuntu: this failure might be due to the use of legacy binary  23 Jul 2014    ubuntu nodejs npm
Testing Ruby Code with RSpec-mocks: Examples and Tips  21 Jul 2014    rspec mocks
R Heads-up and Tips for Beginners  20 Jul 2014    r dataframes
Using file_line Resource (from Puppet's stdlib Module)  20 Jul 2014    puppet file_line
Querying an Elasticsearch Server using Scala  15 Jul 2014    elasticsearch scala
Installing Third-Party Modules to Puppet Apply (Standalone)  30 Jun 2014    modules puppet
Python Virtualenv Examples  19 Jun 2014    pip virtualenv
Puppet Manifest Example: Defining Order Between Actions  19 Jun 2014    example puppet
Vagrant Commands: Examples & Reference  11 Jun 2014    vagrant
Preventing Bad Data from Entering your App Makes your Life Easier!  07 Jun 2014    data validation information systems
Install an Elasticsearch Server on Ubuntu  05 Jun 2014    ubuntu elasticsearch
How to Install pip on Ubuntu  02 Jun 2014    ubuntu pip
Querying an Elasticsearch Server using PHP - Quick Tutorial + Examples  30 May 2014    php elasticsearch
Error Message: 'Constant Already Defined' When using PHPUnit  27 May 2014    phpunit constants process
Wice Grid Example on Rails 4: Simplest Possible Grid for an ActiveRecord  08 May 2014    grid rails wice grid
Using Parameter Hashes to Reduce Coupling in Ruby Applications  02 May 2014    ruby parameters coupling
Jenkins CI - Troubleshooting and Solutions to Common Issues  20 Apr 2014    troubleshooting jenkins
Extending Markdown With Pygments to support Syntax Highlighting  20 Apr 2014    markdown syntax highlighting
Running Acceptance Tests on PHP Projects With Codeception and PhantomJS  16 Apr 2014    testing codeception phantomjs
Testing PHP Code using Codeception: Troubleshooting common Issues  14 Apr 2014    troubleshooting error codeception
RSpec says there are no Tests in a Non-Empty Test Case  13 Apr 2014    strings rspec
PHP Error Reporting and Logging Configuration  10 Apr 2014    php log error
Getting Started with Composer: Simple Examples  31 Mar 2014    composer
MySQL Stored Procedures - Simple Examples and Quick Explanation  26 Mar 2014    mysql stored procedure
Creating Views on MySQL - Some Examples  22 Mar 2014    phpmyadmin view
Cron Formats - Examples & Reference  17 Mar 2014    cron
2-Step Removal - Emulating a Rubbish Bin in your App in order to Reduce your Users' Cognitive Load  15 Mar 2014    hci mental workload
SQL Joins: Returning Multiple Versions of a Relationship in the same Row  06 Mar 2014    sql join
Connecting via VPN on Ubuntu: Quick Reference & useful commands  01 Mar 2014    ubuntu vpn
Python 1-Minute Tutorial for Those with Previous Programming Experience  20 Feb 2014    python
Bash History: Search, Re-Run and Edit Shell Command History  09 Feb 2014    bash
Internet of Things and Big Data - Trends for the Present & the Future  31 Jan 2014    wip big data iot
Generating ROI with SIEM Solutions  28 Jan 2014    siem cpe
Big Data Challenges to Traditional SIEM Solutions  28 Jan 2014    siem big data cpe
Getting Vagrant to Work on a Windows Host  20 Jan 2014    vagrant windows
Using JQuery's on() Function to Attach Handlers to Elements now or in the Future  10 Jan 2014    jquery on events
Create a Project from Scratch on Github and use Public Keys to Push and Pull Code  09 Jan 2014    github
SVN Branching over SSH (SVN+SSH)  08 Jan 2014    svn branching
Installing a Haskell Development Environment on Ubuntu  06 Jan 2014    ubuntu yesod haskell
Connecting to EC2 Instance (Ubuntu) via SSH - Best Practices, Reference and Troubleshooting  06 Jan 2014    ec2 ubuntu ssh keys security
Connecting to a Virtual Box Linux Virtual Machine via SSH  04 Jan 2014    ssh virtualbox wpi
What Made America Great  04 Jan 2014    america politics
Comparing Yii Behaviours and Native PHP Traits  26 Dec 2013    yii traits mixin wip
Interacting with Amazon Glacier on Ubuntu (File Uploads and more)  25 Dec 2013    aws glacier
Reverting Changes in SVN  19 Dec 2013    svn revert
Yii CActiveForm builtin Javascript functions - Examples and Reference  18 Dec 2013    yii javascript cactiveform
Fixing Git Merge Conflicts: Reference and Examples  18 Dec 2013    git merge conflict
Examples on how to fix git merge conflicts and prevent conflicts when pulling and merging code. Read More ›

Yii Error Message: column name must be either a string or an array  12 Dec 2013    yii keys error
Yii CGridView Example on Using CCheckBoxColumn  11 Dec 2013    yii cgridview checkbox
Yii CGridView Javascript Functions (builtin JQuery Plugin)  11 Dec 2013    yii cgridview javascript
Running Scripts and Commands at Start-up Time on (Ubuntu) - Quick Examples and Reference  11 Dec 2013    ubuntu startup
Publishing a Rails 4 App on Heroku using Git  07 Dec 2013    rails heroku
Yii Logging Tips and Reference  02 Dec 2013    yii log
Yii Examples: Sorting Columns on a CGridView (using CActiveDataProvider)  29 Nov 2013    yii cgridview sorting
Useful PostgreSQL (psql) Console Commands - Quick Reference  25 Nov 2013    psql postgres
Undefined Method: Visit (Running RSpec with Capybara)  23 Nov 2013    rails rspec capybara
Yii RenderPartial Usage Example  22 Nov 2013    yii renderpartial render
Some Thoughts on Software Complexity  21 Nov 2013    software-engineering complexity ddd software-architecture
Yii - Triggering Validation of an Individual Input/Element Manually with Javascript  17 Nov 2013    yii javascript cactiveform validation
Rails Database (database.yml) Config Examples  16 Nov 2013    database rails
Installing pg gem on Ubuntu (extconf.rb failed)  16 Nov 2013    ruby postgresql pgsql
Installing PostgreSQL and pgAdmin on Ubuntu  12 Nov 2013    ubuntu postgresql pgsql
Running Cron Job on Ubuntu - Quick Reference and Simple Examples  11 Nov 2013    cron
Ruby Block Examples and Their Relationship with Break, Next and Return  06 Nov 2013    ruby blocks
Strong vs Weak Typing: Differences and Tradeoffs  24 Oct 2013    typing types
Setting Firefox Preferences to Save PDFs to File Directly in Selenium  04 Oct 2013    selenium firefox
Setting up a Ruby on Rails App on Ubuntu  27 Sep 2013    ubuntu rails
Backing up and Dumping Mysql Databases  27 Sep 2013    sql dump backup
Yii 2 Menu Usage Examples  20 Sep 2013    yii2 menu
Upgrading from Yii 1.1 to Yii 2.0 : Things to Watch Out For  20 Sep 2013    yii2
Why Testing? Functional, Unit, Integration: Bring Them All In  20 Sep 2013    testing complexity
Linux Tar (Tape Archive) Usage Examples  16 Sep 2013    linux tar compression gzip zip
Upgrading your Ubuntu Version from the Command Line  13 Sep 2013    ubuntu upgrade
Upgrading Apache to Version 2.4 on Ubuntu: Lessons Learned  13 Sep 2013    ubuntu apache 2.4 upgrade
Yii 2 Database DSNs for Each Database Type  13 Sep 2013    db yii2
Different Ways to Say Study/Learn in Russian  08 Sep 2013    russian
Selenium WebDriver with Ruby: Troubleshooting  01 Sep 2013    selenium troubleshooting
SVN Usage Reminder and Examples  29 Aug 2013    svn examples
Simplest Possible CGI Program in C: Example and Explanation  27 Aug 2013    apache cgi c
Selenium Webdriver with Ruby - Basic Usage Example  23 Aug 2013    ruby selenium
Git Submodules By Example  23 Aug 2013    git submodules
Selenium WebDriver with Ruby: Examples and General Reference  21 Aug 2013    ruby selenium
Creating a Basic Yesod Project Using Command Line Tools on Linux  16 Aug 2013    yesod haskell
Disabling Browser Caching with Meta HTML tags  13 Aug 2013    html cache meta
Linux Signals - Basic Reference and Overview  09 Aug 2013    linux signals
Bash Scripting File Manipulation Examples and Reference  08 Aug 2013    bash files
Bash Examples: Basic Information and Control Structures  08 Aug 2013    bash shell
Javascript and jQuery Array Methods Examples and Reference  07 Aug 2013    array jquery functions
Using Gii With URL Rewriting and Path Url Format  01 Aug 2013    yii gii rewrite
Tutorial and Examples on how to Use RVM on Linux  17 Jul 2013    ruby rvm
PHP DomDocument Examples and Quick Reference  15 Jul 2013    php xml
Useful Examples for Dates in SQL   02 Jul 2013    sql date db
Sed Examples: Search and Replace on Linux  27 Jun 2013    search sed replace
Adding a Default Order/Sort for Data in a CGridView  14 Jun 2013    yii grid sort
Troubleshooting Ubuntu 12.04 Installation on VirtualBox  08 Jun 2013    troubleshoot virtual box virtual
The Beauty of Selfishness and the Free Market Economy  02 Jun 2013    economics selfishness
Negative Design: Informing Users About What's Not There  01 Jun 2013    ui ux design
So You Think People should be Fair and Altruistic?  25 May 2013    liberty philosophy selfishness
Productivity and Mind Modes  18 May 2013    productivity mind personal
Git Examples: Using Local Repositories  16 May 2013    git
A Regular Expression to Validate HTTP URLs  16 May 2013    url regexp
Adding a Drop Down Menu to the Bootstrap Navbar  12 May 2013    bootstrap navbar dropdown
Serializing PHP Values into a File or a Database  28 Apr 2013    php array
Checking Whether a Checkbox is Checked with Jquery  25 Apr 2013    jquery checkbox
Create an Ajax Button Using POST on a CGridView in Yii  25 Apr 2013    ajax post cgridview
Passing Data from the Controller into a CGridView in Yii  25 Apr 2013    yii grid variables
Making it Harder for Users to Make Mistakes  24 Apr 2013    best-practices
Pushing Code to Github Using Key Pairs  21 Apr 2013    github
Creating a Class in Racket  19 Apr 2013    racket class
Run an arbitrary SQL command from within Yii  15 Apr 2013    yii sql
Javascript and jQuery events examples and cheatsheet  06 Apr 2013    jquery javascript events
Making a div follow scrolls with jQuery - simple example  27 Mar 2013    jquery example
Yii Custom Widget Simple Example  23 Mar 2013    widget yii example
Enable SQL logging to the screen on Yii  23 Mar 2013    yii sql logging
Quick way to redirect a whole website to HTTPS  21 Mar 2013    ssl https htaccess
Ruby map, each, collect, inject, reject, select quick reference  17 Mar 2013    examples ruby arrays
Ruby File Handling Examples / Reference  15 Mar 2013    ruby reference
Ruby Trollop Examples & Reference  15 Mar 2013    ruby reference trollop
Yii CActiveDataProvider Usage Examples  14 Mar 2013    yii examples cactivedataprovider
10 things I know to be true  13 Mar 2013    cognitive-biases personal productivity
Maxims for life based on my personal experience. Read More ›

SQL Reference / Cheatsheet  12 Mar 2013    sql cheatsheet
Liberty FAQ  06 Mar 2013    wip liberty
A small critique of Marxist Economics  03 Mar 2013    socialism economics
Death is not the same as non-existence  13 Feb 2013    zen tao
CSS Background Patterns: examples  12 Feb 2013    css backgrounds
On storing boolean values in a Database (examples using Yii Framework)  25 Jan 2013    bp models active-record
Using data-attributes to set string and JSON objects in Bootstrap  23 Jan 2013    bootstrap javascript json
Some Thoughts on and Patterns for Web Forms  29 Dec 2012    forms patterns thoughts
Installing Bluefish Code Editor on Ubuntu 12.04  23 Dec 2012    ubuntu bluefish ppa
What Makes a Good Start-Up? - The Role of Ideas  21 Dec 2012    start-up graham
Uploading an Image and Saving it to a Database in Yii  19 Dec 2012    yii blob upload
Examples of useful commands to use on MySQL CLI(Command-Line Interface)  06 Dec 2012    mysql cli
Pngquant examples - optimizing png images  18 Nov 2012    pngquant png
FullCalendar jQuery Plugin Tips and Best Practices  17 Nov 2012    fullcalendar
Getting the total size taken by a MySQL database  12 Nov 2012    mysql query
Gimp For Software Developers: Troubleshooting and Quick Tips  09 Nov 2012    gimp
Selenium 'Hello World'-style Tutorial  03 Nov 2012    selenium
scp (secure copy): Reference and Examples  24 Oct 2012    remote scp
Unversioning (ignoring) a file in SVN  22 Oct 2012    svn ignore
Dealing with and formatting dates on Yii  20 Oct 2012    yii dates
Ruby CLI Shell Scripting Cheatsheet  14 Oct 2012    wip ruby cli
Fighting collapsing DIVs with CSS clearfix  13 Oct 2012    css clearfix
Change a Tooltip's text after initialization in Bootstrap  11 Oct 2012    jquery bootstrap tooltip
JQuery's live(): an alternative to $(document).ready  11 Oct 2012    jquery live ready
Creating Behaviors on Yii Framework  11 Oct 2012    yii wip behaviors
Upgrading PHP to version 5.4 on Ubuntu   30 Sep 2012    php ubuntu php 5.4
Yii Authorization and Access Control Best Practices  30 Sep 2012    yii authorization access control
JpGraph charts Library: examples and tips  13 Sep 2012    wip jpgraph examples
Perl Pie Giveaway (Perl one-liner examples)  13 Sep 2012    perl one-liner
Using CArrayDataProvider to populate a CGridView in Yii  11 Sep 2012    yii cgridview dataprovider
TCPDF Hacks  11 Sep 2012    wip tcpdf hacks
Yii Form Filter/Validation Cheatsheet  03 Sep 2012    yii filters model
Comments on Chapter 3 of the Tao Te Ching  30 Aug 2012    tao tao te ching
TCPDF: How to print a Page with no Header or Footer  29 Aug 2012    tcpdf header footer
Adding a custom font to TCPDF  28 Aug 2012    tcpdf fonts
Creating a Modal Login widget using Yii-Bootstrap extension  25 Aug 2012    yii bootstrap modals
Linux find Examples  25 Aug 2012    linux find
Updating Yii's jQuery version  25 Aug 2012    yii jquery
Installing Node.js and Less and using Less to statically compile .less files  24 Aug 2012    ubuntu less nodejs npm
Installing my User Management Module on Yii  23 Aug 2012    yii modules
Yii: CGridView Filter examples  22 Aug 2012    yii cgridview filter
Yii Migrations: cheatsheet and examples  21 Aug 2012    yii wip cheatsheet
The really important stuff in life can only be found when you're not looking for it  20 Aug 2012    life
MySQL Cryptographic Functions: Reference and Examples  19 Aug 2012    mysql security
Other uses and best practices for Yii rights module   17 Aug 2012    yii rights wip
PHP banana peels: common PHP mistakes and and how to avoid them  17 Aug 2012    php wip banana-peel
Add Colour to Text on the Terminal: Examples with Bash and Python  09 Aug 2012    bash python
Installing and Configuring PHP JpGraph on Linux  08 Aug 2012    php ubuntu jpgraph
Installing Imagemagick for use with PHP on Ubuntu  08 Aug 2012    php ubuntu imagemagick
Yii Cheat Sheet: Filtering by Related Models in a CGridView  07 Aug 2012    yii cgridview filter
Amazon EC2 Server instance: adding a second user to access your instance  05 Aug 2012    ec2 ssh
How to add a second user that can log into your EC2 instance. Read More ›

Change the hostname on your EC2 Server Instance  05 Aug 2012    server ec2 ubuntu
Disable a service on Ubuntu  02 Aug 2012    ubuntu services
XHProf PHP Profiler Full Usage Example  01 Aug 2012    ubuntu xhprof example
Yii CActiveForm examples  01 Aug 2012    yii cactiveform cheatsheet
Hard-won Javascript/JQuery wisdom and useful (benign) hacks  01 Aug 2012    jquery wip javascript
Stop a DIV from collapsing when you float elements inside it.  30 Jul 2012    css collapse float
Reload/Refresh a page using Javascript  30 Jul 2012    javascript
Include an external Javascript file using JQuery  30 Jul 2012    jquery include
Iterating through all Paragraphs - Open/Libre Office Macro  28 Jul 2012    macro basic libre-office
Creating a customized version of Yii's CActiveRecord  26 Jul 2012    yii cactiverecord
Overriding the default error handler in PHP  25 Jul 2012    php error_handler
Useful codes for special characters in Open(Libre) office macros  23 Jul 2012    macro
Enable remote root connection to your MySQL server  17 Jul 2012    mysql remote
Yii Flash Messages: tips and best practices  17 Jul 2012    yii flash ux
Show unparsed XML in a HTML document using PHP  15 Jul 2012    php xml
Creating a Google search URL with your parameters  15 Jul 2012    google search url
Javascript regular expression examples  15 Jul 2012    javascript regexp
Trigger Twitter Bootstrap tooltip on a form input  11 Jul 2012    yii bootstrap tooltip
Exploding a String using newline as delimiter.  10 Jul 2012    php strings
One-liner to create self-signed SSL certificates (for testing purposes or local network)  02 Jul 2012    apache ssl certificates
Things and non-things  02 Jul 2012    zen
Installing Yii-rights extension  30 Jun 2012    yii rights extension
Grep usage examples  30 Jun 2012    linux grep
Stuff you need to know to make Yii web apps work on IE too.  27 Jun 2012    yii ie javascript
Adding a composite primary key for MySQL using Yii Migrations  27 Jun 2012    yii mysql migration
Add an alias to your shell on Linux  22 Jun 2012    linux shell alias
Making a CGridView row clickable.  21 Jun 2012    yii cgridview
Using bizrules in Yii RBAC System (examples with rights module)  19 Jun 2012    yii rbac bizrules
SQL order by multiple fields  18 Jun 2012    sql order
Git examples: Resetting, Undoing, and Reverting Changes  16 Jun 2012    git
Editing the summaryText in a Yii CGridView  15 Jun 2012    yii cgridview
Setting PHP up to handle long execution times, large inputs and so on.  13 Jun 2012    php bigdata time
Start a remote VirtualBox VM using the CLI(Command Line Interface) on Ubuntu  12 Jun 2012    ubuntu vboxmanage virtualbox
HTML tabIndex property - Setting keyboard browsing order  10 Jun 2012    html ux keyboard
Best way to show Flash messages in Yii  10 Jun 2012    yii flash
Creating a private/public key pair on Ubuntu  04 Jun 2012    ubuntu ssh pki
PKI - Public and Private key pairs  04 Jun 2012    pki math cryptography
Create a Remote GIT repository and PUSH stuff to it  30 May 2012    server ubuntu git
Remove all .svn directories under the current directory  30 May 2012    linux svn
Axure and UI Prototyping Best Practices  29 May 2012    axure hci ui
Installing XHProf PHP Profiler on Ubuntu  23 May 2012    php ubuntu xhprof
The Internet as a Global Public Good  18 May 2012    internet
Education and the Internet  17 May 2012    internet education
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