ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException: Spark Application Stuck in ACCEPTED state on YARN

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One of the reasons for this error is lack of disk space on the master node.

Is the disk almost full?

$ hadoop fs -df -h
Filesystem                                   Size     Used  Available  Use%
hdfs://ip-172-16-1-188.ec2.internal:8020  143.9 G  114.2 G     17.7 G   79%

Which directory is responsible?

In my case it's /var/log/spark/apps

$ hadoop fs -du -h /var/log/spark
108.2 G  /var/log/spark/apps

This may happen if you run many applications in the same cluster.

Just delete everything under /var/log/spark/apps/ but not the directory itself:

$ hadoop fs -rm -r -f /var/log/spark/apps/
$ hadoop fs -mkdir /var/log/spark/apps/

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