Comparing Yii Behaviours and Native PHP Traits

Comparing Yii Behaviours and Native PHP Traits

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PHP Traits and Yii Behaviours are implementations of the mixin object composition pattern, which allows you to share behaviour among classes; it is, therefore, an alternative to inheritance trees.

According to GOF's Design Patterns, we should favour composition over inheritance whenever possible.

Favor 'object composition' over 'class inheritance'. - (Gang of Four 1995:20)

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You can add Yii Behaviours at runtime (this is beautiful and allows massive uncoupling) but you can only add Traits to a class at code writing time.

IDE behaviour

IDEs will probably pick-up code from Traits if they see the use keyword at the beginning of you class code; this means that things like inteli-sense and code-completion, as well as code suggestions will probably not work for Yii Behaviours.


You can parameterize Yii Behaviours and you can't do so with native PHP Traits. This allows for a little bit of extra flexibility in Yii Behaviours as compared to Traits.

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