Conda, Pip, Virtualenv and Pyenv: Commands Compared

Conda, Pip, Virtualenv and Pyenv: Commands Compared

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Create environment

Conda Virtualenv Pyenv
$ conda create --name my-env $ virtualenv my-env $ pyenv virtualenv my-env
Environment directory will be created
in envs/, in your conda directory.
Environment will be created in
the current working directory
Envs are stored under ~/.pyenv/versions/

Create environment in specific folder

Conda Pyenv
$ conda create --prefix /path/to/folder NOT AVAILABLE

Create environment with specific python version

Conda Pyenv
$ conda create -n "my-venv" python=3.9.16 $ pyenv virtualenv 3.9.16 my-venv

List environments

Conda Pyenv
$ conda info --envs $ pyenv virtualenvs

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