Getting Vagrant to Work on a Windows Host

Getting Vagrant to Work on a Windows Host

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My opinion is that, if you like to work on Linux better than on Windows, there's still a basic minimum Windows knowledge you need to have, if only to create or simulate a Linux environment under Windows.

This tutorial was run on Windows 8.1 but it should run on Windows 7 & 8 as well.

One option is to get comfy with VirtualBox or other Virtual Machine software vendor and, if you want to hike it up a notch, know how to get Vagrant up and running on Windows.

This is the objective of this post.


  • Install Virtualbox and Vagrant

    • Good old next, next, next & finish suffices for both.
    • You'll be asked to restart your computer after you've installed Vagrant.
  • Run vagrant from a command line and see all commands you have available.

And that's it! I confess I've created this reminder perparing myself for what I thought would be a painful setup process, but there was none of that! Kudos to Vagrant for having created such a painless setup even on Windows.


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