Jupyter Notebook Extensions: Examples and Reference

Jupyter Notebook Extensions: Examples and Reference

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Install extensions

  • Install jupyter (in case you don't have it)

    $ pip install jupyter
  • Install and enable nbextensions package

    $ pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions
    $ jupyter contrib nbextension install --user
  • Install and enable nbextensions configurator

    $ pip install jupyter_nbextensions_configurator
    $ jupyter nbextensions_configurator enable --user

using-nbconfigurations-on-jupyter Once you have installed the extensions and
the configurator, you'll be able to access this
menu when opening jupyter notebooks.
Make sure to uncheck the checkbox so you can use all extensions

Table of Contents (TOC)

Install extensions first first

The Table of Contents extension is added automatically when you install the package as above.

After installing it, open the configurator and enable it:

toc-extension ENABLING THE EXTENSION: Open the configuration and
enable the Table of Contents (2) checkbox

jupyter-notebook-with-table-of-contentx USING THE EXTENSION: Use the table of contents
to make your notebooks easier to navigate

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