JupyterLab: Sane Defaults and Extensions for Basic DS Work

JupyterLab: Sane Defaults and Extensions for Basic DS Work

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Enable third-party extensions

enable-third-party-extensions-in-jupyterlab Enable third-party extensions

Install Table of Contents extension

The table of contents extension is built-in JupyterLab since version 3.0

Install Execute-time Extension

Very useful for long-running cells or to help you keep track of which cells you ran when.

execute-time-extension Execute time extension:
no more need to add %%time at
the start of every cell

This is installed via pip

$ pip install jupyterlab_execute_time

After installing you need to add {"recordTiming": true} to the notebook configuration:

set-record-timing-to-true In addition to installing the extension, you also need
to set this configuration option

Install Collapsible Headings extension

Install it via the Extension tab:

install-collapsible-headings-extension-tab Click the little puzzle piece, type in "collapsible"
in the search bar and then click Install

collapsible-headers Collapsible headers for jupyterlab

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