Linux most: Usage Examples for a Little Known Pager Tool

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Most is a command-line pager application, much like less and more; that's why they have similar names.

most is better than less for exploring datasets

most is good for datasets because you can navigate your dataset both vertically as well as horizontally.

It expects files to be very wide (not just long) and provides better ways for you to handle them.

screenshot most running on xubuntu

Also, you can view large files with it.

Install most

Also using yum or whatever you generally use to download packages

$ sudo apt-get install most

Go to first line of file


(t is for top)

Go to last line of file


(b is for bottom)

Scroll window down


Scroll 10 windows down


Scroll window up


Scroll 10 windows up


All movement commands can take a number prefix, causing that command to be run multiple times

Scroll window right


Scroll window left


Just hit /, like in vim or less.


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