Pip Install a Project having a setup.py file: an Example

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Example project: py-hausdorff

Go to https://github.com/mavillan/py-hausdorff

Download project as a zip file

download-git-project-zip-file Click on "Clone or Download", thenk click on "Download ZIP"

Call pip install on the downloaded zip file

pip install <project-name>-master.zip

$ pip install ~/Downloads/py-hausdorff-master.zip
Processing ./Downloads/py-hausdorff-master.zip
Building wheels for collected packages: hausdorff
  Running setup.py bdist_wheel for hausdorff ... done
  Stored in directory: /home/felipe/.cache/pip/wheels/d8/4e/68/e323640ee9d8296493830b75f87a8e9bbfad13e7752753af9c
Successfully built hausdorff
Installing collected packages: hausdorff
Successfully installed hausdorff-0.0.0

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