Splunk Regular Expressions: Rex Command Examples

Splunk Regular Expressions: Rex Command Examples

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This post is about the rex command. For the regex command see Rex Command Examples

Splunk version used: 8.x. Examples use the tutorial data from Splunk

Rex vs regex

rex regex
Use to extract fields
matching the expression
Use to filter rows
(like the where clause)

Extract match to new field

Use named capture groups (within <?...>) with the rex command:

Example extract occurrences of alphanumeric UUID order IDs (followed by whitespace) into a field called order_id:

your search criteria
| rex field=_raw "order_id (?<order_id>[0-9a-z]+) "

Character classes

Class Description
\wletters, digits and underscore
\Wanything except letters, digits and underscore
\ddigits 0 through 9
\Danything except digits 0 through 9