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Rex vs regex

rex regex
Use to extract fields
matching the expression
Use to filter rows
(like the where clause)

Extract match to new field

Use named capture groups (within <?...>) with the rex command:

Example extract occurrences of alphanumeric UUID order IDs (followed by whitespace) into a field called order_id:

your search criteria
| rex field=_raw "order_id (?<order_id>[0-9a-z]+) "

Field contains regex

regex acts as an extra search criteria!

Use command regex and the field you want to match on (can also be the \_raw field)

Example: retrieve rows that match "search criteria" and and contain a three-digit number

"search criteria"
| regex _raw="\d{3}"

Field matches regex

As a variation of the above, this only returns rows where the field fully matches the regex.

To do that, simply add ^ at the beggining and $ at the end of the pattern

Example: retrieve rows that match "search criteria" and and only have lowercase letters or spaces

search criteria
| regex _raw="[a-z ]+"

Character classes

Class Description
\w letters, digits and underscore

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