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preventing text from being too stretched out when using justified text

If, when using MultiCell() to print justified text , the last line of the block is getting too stretched out (in an attempt to fill the whole line), just add a newline after the last line.

preventing html table splitting

If, when you try and print a HTML table using function WriteHTMLCell and your tables get split between two pages, causing all sorts of troubles ***** make sure you set the $ln (new line) parameter to 1 in that method. It was the only thing that got it working for me.

styling html using css

If you want to style a piece of html code prior to writing it to a page, you should wrap you css in <style> tags and prepend it to the actual html code.

    table tr{
    <!--some content..-->

*****: for me for example, when a table got split between two pages, it seemed that the next page didn't get "informed" about the extra table content at the top, and whatever text got printed on top of the table; not nice at all.

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