Why I am NOT against Gun Ownership

Why I am NOT against Gun Ownership

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Two reasons

I would like to present only two reasons why I'm in favour of gun ownership by whoever wants it.

Right to self defense

 Self explanatory. Once they were invented, guns cannot be *uninvented*. 

 Therefore, in order to be able to defend themselves and their property, men have the right to bear arms (because other people *will* have them)

The largest massacres and genocide episodes known to history were perpetrated by governments against citizens who did not have access to weapons

  • Holocaust(national socialism, germany 20th century)

    • Lowest estimate: 4 million dead [HILBERG]
    • Highest estimate: 7 million dead [HILBERG]
  • Holodomor (stalinism, 20th-century USSR)

    • Lowest estimates: 1.8 million dead [WHEATCROFT 2001]
    • Highest estimates 7.5 million dead [MARPLES]
  • The Great Stalinist purge (stalinism, 20th-century USSR)

    • Lowest estimates: 950.000 dead [ELLMAN 2002]
    • Highest estimates: 1.2 million dead [ELLMAN 2002]
  • Great leap forward (Maoist China, mid 20th-century)

    • Lowest estimate: 23 million dead [PENG 1987]
    • Highest estimate: at least 45 million dead [DIKÖTTER 2010]
  • Armenian genocide (Modern-day Turkey, early 20th century)

    • Lowest estimate: 600.000 dead [MCCARTHY 1983]
    • Highest estimate: over 2 million dead [GENDERCIDE.ORG]
  • Khmer Rouge (Cambodian communist party, 20th century)

    • Lowest estimate: 1.2 million dead [HEUVELINE 2001]
    • Highest estimate: 2.5 million dead [SHARP]

Side note

There still are many people who think that socialism/communism is desirable and/or a viable way to organize society.

I know that most of you are not bad people at heart and are, in general, motivated by the desire to help other people, which is fine.

I urge you, however, to rethink your position. Be extra careful when presented with over-simplifications of human behaviour and history.

People and their actions are so diverse and unique that simple answers are, in most cases, not the correct ones.


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