Yii CGridView Javascript Functions (builtin JQuery Plugin)

Yii CGridView Javascript Functions (builtin JQuery Plugin)

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There's a few javascript functions used by Yii itself to control a CGridView widget. You can use them as well and I've found them quite useful and helpful when dealing with and manipulating grid widgets. There's not a lot of documentation on them (they are

Say you have a CGridView widget that you created like this (assuming you've passed a suitable data provider from your controller in variable $dp (like an instance of CActiveDataProvider)):

    'id' => 'my-grid',
    'dataProvider' => $dp,
    'columns' => [
    //...your columns

Functions can be called in two ways; I'll only provide both ways for the first example:

Update grid

Use $.fn.yiiGridView.update('my-grid') or $('#my-grid').yiiGridView('update')

Get row


Get column


Get current selection


Get row key


This Returns the key associated with each row in your grid. (This is what Yii uses to build Urls for CButtonColumn, for example.

At the end of the <table> tag on your grid you can see a <div> with class "keys". This is where the keys are kept.)

var key = $("#my-grid").yiiGridView('getKey',5); 
//returns the key for the 6th row (numbers start at 0)

Get grid URL