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Akka-http Common Operations: Reference + Examples  03 Nov 2016    akka-http akka wip
A couple of things I find myself doing very often when I use akka-http. I believe these may be useful for others too. Read More ›

Packaging an Akka-http Application using SBT and Docker: Simple Example  29 Jun 2016    docker akka-http sbt
A simple example displaying common akka-http use cases and a couple of tips and hints to guide you through packaging a full app as a Docker container, so that you can deploy it anywhere you want. Read More ›

Migrating a Project from Spray to Akka-http: General Tips and Reference  29 May 2016    akka-http spray scala
Troublesshooting Akka: ClassNotFoundException: akka.event.slf4j.Slf4jLoggingFilter  19 May 2016    akka slf4j scala