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As a Manager: Is it Worthwhile? How Worthwhile?  28 May 2023    management
Some thoughts about the frame of mind you need to get into as you transition to a technical management role. Read More ›

As a Manager: Stating the Obvious is Important  28 May 2023    management
Examples and an overview on why managers should state the obvious even when it may seem unnecessary. Read More ›

As a Manager: Drive Growth by Asking Open-Ended Questions  22 May 2023    management
One of the ways you can foster growth in reports is to ask open-ended questions. Read More ›

As a Manager: Tell Reports "Why" as Often as Possible  12 Dec 2022    management soft-skills
Asking somebody to do something without fully telling them the underlying reasons saves time in the short run but prevents growth in the long run. As often as you can, tell people the why behind a given task or decision. Read More ›

As a Manager: Give Feedback on Specifics Only  15 Oct 2022    management
As a manager, why you should try and keep feedbacks on specific actions and behaviours, rather than giving out generic, subjective advice. Read More ›

Action-based VS Process-based Solutions to Problems  24 Jul 2022    management
Solving a problem once is very different from setting up a system that ensures the problem gets addressed consistently. In other words, solving problems in the small is different from solving those very problems "in the large", at scale. Read More ›