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If you use Git you should be very Liberal in Deleting Stale Code  21 Apr 2022    software-engineering technical-debt
On the costs of keeping stale code around and how to recover old code using git, if needed. Read More ›

Complex Code is Technical Debt, and it will Charge Interest  28 Nov 2021    software-engineering
Why complex code is technical debt and how it hurts you, your teams and your company. And what to do about it. Read More ›

On Rolling out Backwards-Compatible Software Upgrades  10 Oct 2020    software-engineering software-architecture
Thoughts on how to deal with problems that arise from legacy systems that have grown too much; Read More ›

Paper Summary: Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems  23 Mar 2020    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering technical-debt
Summary of the 2015 article "Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems" by Sculley et al. Read More ›

Paper Summary: Software Engineering for Machine Learning: A Case Study  25 Jan 2020    paper-summary machine-learning-engineering software-engineering
Summary of the 2019 article "Software Engineering for Machine Learning: A Case Study" by Amershi et al. Read More ›

How to Structure Software Projects: Python Example  22 Jun 2018    software-engineering
Here are a couple of templates to structure software projects. You need to think about structure because it is the single largest threat to your codebase as your project grows from small to medium-largish size. If you neglect to maintain project structure you risk having your project suffer death by entropy. Read More ›

Some Thoughts on Software Complexity  21 Nov 2013    software-engineering complexity ddd