python testing

Python Unittest Examples: Mocking and Patching

09 Dec 2019   Simple examples to help you understand when/where to use mocking and patching, so you don't need to skip testing any part of your code.

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Pandas Dataframe Examples: Duplicated Data

17 Nov 2019   Deal with duplicated data in pandas: drop, count, show and mark duplicates in pandas dataframes.

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paper-summary neural-networks sequence-learning

Paper Summary: Long Short-Term Memory

16 Nov 2019   Summary of the 1997 article "Long Short-Term Memory" by Hochreiter and Schmidhuber.

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Spark SQL Case/When Examples

09 Nov 2019   Case/when clauses are useful to mimic if/else behaviour in SQL and also spark, via when/otherwise clauses.

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spark scala

Spark Date/Datetime Functions: Examples

09 Nov 2019   Examples on how to use spark date and datetime functions for commonly used transformations.

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paper-summary machine-learning-engineering

Paper Summary: 150 Successful Machine Learning Models: 6 Lessons Learned at

09 Nov 2019   Summary of the 2019 article "150 Successful Machine Learning Models: 6 Lessons Learned at" by Bernardi et al.

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gnu macos unix linux command-line data-science

Using Command-line Tools for Text Data Preprocessing: Examples and Reference

09 Nov 2019   Use native command-line tools for common tasks related to text preprocessing, like stripping bad characters, normalizing whitespace/newlines, replacing regular expressions, text normalization, etc. They're very fast and work surprisingly well.

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Git Diff: Reference and Examples

24 Oct 2019   How to compare and show differences in files from different branches, different commits, etc.

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paper-summary natural-language-processing

Paper Summary: TextRank: Bringing Order into Texts

16 Sep 2019   Summary of the 2004 article "TextRank: Bringing Order into Texts" by Mihalcea and Tarau.

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pip conda virtualenv

Conda vs Pip and Virtualenv: Commands Compared

16 Sep 2019   Equivalent commands for conda on the one hand and pip plus virtualenv on the other.

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