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Brainstorming Tech Content

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Objective-first VS context-first Content

Description Example titles
Objective-first contentContent about how to accomplish a given task using some sort of tool, like a programming language or framework.

Users know what they want to do (usually using tool agnostic language) but they don't know how to do it.
"How to write group-by queries in splunk"

"How to plot a histogram in matplotlib"
Context-first contentContent about a specific context or tool.

Users know how they want to work (usually because they understand the rough edges of the tool they're interested in) but they want to explore the ways in which the tool is used to match one of the possible uses to what they have in mind.

The key thing here is that in this case, users may not have a clearly defined objective in mind.
"Git merge examples"

"Matplotlib examples"

"Pandas join examples"

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