Installing and Configuring PHP JpGraph on Linux

Installing and Configuring PHP JpGraph on Linux

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Installation and configuration

download the project file here (most recent release as of 12 Sep 2012)

extract the file:

tar -zxvf jpgraph-3.5.0b1.tar.gz

copy the src directory into your web project. Let's assume you have created a PHP project at /var/www/my_project

sudo cp jpgraph-3.5.0b1/src/ /var/www/my_project/ -r

now cd over to your project:

cd /var/www/my_project

rename the src directory:

sudo mv src jpgraph

and set liberal permissions to avoid problems at this stage:

sudo chmod 777 jpgraph -R

now let's correct some bugs in the project:

head over to jpgraph/ and comment out this line: (on my version [jpgraph-3.5.0b1] it's line 110)

//  JpGraphError::RaiseL(25128);//('The function imageantialias() ...

Now we may need to install some Fonts which sometimes aren't available on Linux.

The easiest way to get the fonts is to go to a Windows machine and go to C:\Windows\Fonts\Arial and copy all those .ttf files into /usr/share/fonts/truetype/



You can start using it. I recommend trying out some of the examples... Some of them probably won't work due to reasons I don't understand but, from my experience, it will help if, in the includes, you specify an absolute path rather than the relative pathing that comes in the Examples.

I think it might have something to do with the way they created a directory inside Examples which is a symlink to its parent directory... not sure how that is supposed to work.. The whole thing is a bit messy if you ask me. I'd use Highcharts if I could choose but for this project specifically I need to use JpGraph.. Anyway. Good luck.

Oh Yeah. If you run into other font problems you just do same process you did for Arial again.