Things and non-things

Things and non-things

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Been thinking...

If all existence/the universe is one then how come there's so many separate physical entities in our world nowadays?

How could the one have transformed into infinitely many things? Why didn't the one stay one? The absolute stay absolute?

Then at some time some things I'd read some time ago about modern physics perhaps made a connection I think.

Is it necessary, for every thing that is born, that a non-thing also be born? That way they would, so to speak, cancel each other out and the sum would still be zero, that is to say, one?

So the one could, in practice, be split into infinite many pairs or things/non-things while still maintaining its absoluteness? If so, then where is the other-half of everything we observe? Where's my non-dog? Where's the non-planet Earth? Where's my non-body? Does it even make sense to ask those things?

Could this have a connection perhaps with what physicists call anti-matter? I'm no physicist but I remember seeing somewhere about particles being created in pairs of anti-particles and particles? Positive and negative, yin and yang?

Is physics catching up with zen/tao description of the one?

Who could possible tell me this?

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