Troubleshooting Ubuntu 12.04 Installation on VirtualBox

Troubleshooting Ubuntu 12.04 Installation on VirtualBox

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So you've finished installing Ubuntu 12.04 through VirtualBox and you see a screen like this:


After you've clicked 'Restart Now' and the machine restarts, you get shown this: who the hell is casper

Surprise surprise, there's nothing in your tray, hitting enter doesn't work so just hard-reset the machine. Upon resetting, you see this:

just click ok

click ok.

click ok, again

click ok again.

That will reset your machine into command line mode. Log in (using the username and password you've provided while installing), then run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade -y;

IF THE LOGIN SCREEN DIDN'T SHOW UP, (sometimes, you click the Exit to login console button but then you just get a black screen) then hit alt+f1 and you will see the login prompt for you to login. If even that doesn't work, try ctrl + alt + f1. These are commands to show the command line interface.


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