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Bash Options with Set: Examples and reference  31 Oct 2021    bash
Examples and reference for most commonly-used bash options you can set/unset with the set builtin. Read More ›

Working with Functions in Bash: Reference and Examples  31 Mar 2021    bash
Simple examples and common use cases for functions in shell scripting using bash (bourne-again shell). Read More ›

Bash Examples: String Operations  09 Sep 2020    bash
How to interact with strings on bash scripts. Read More ›

Bash Shopt Examples  05 Jul 2020    bash
Examples and reference on how to work with options on bash scripts via the shopt command Read More ›

Linux/Unix Shell Scripting Examples: SSH  06 Jan 2018    bash shell ssh
Examples on how to use SSH to connect to/from remote Linux/Unix machines. Read More ›

Bash Scripting Examples: Iteration and Arrays  22 Dec 2017    bash
Examples on how to use arrays, iterate through items in arrays, etc. Read More ›

POSIX Shell Tests and Conditionals: Examples and Reference  13 Aug 2016    bash posix-shell
Bash History: Search, Re-Run and Edit Shell Command History  09 Feb 2014    bash
Bash Scripting File Manipulation Examples and Reference  08 Aug 2013    bash files
Bash Examples: Basic Information and Control Structures  08 Aug 2013    bash shell
Add Colour to Text on the Terminal: Examples with Bash and Python  09 Aug 2012    bash python