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Spark SQL date/time Arithmetic examples: Adding, Subtracting, etc  12 Jun 2022    spark datetime
Examples on how to subtract, add dates and timestamps in Spark SQL Dataframes, along with a summary. Read More ›

Python Date/Datetime Arithmetic Examples: Adding, Subtracting, etc  08 May 2022    python datetime
Some examples on how to perform basic arithmetic on Python date and datetime objects, examples on timedelta, etc. Read More ›

Python Datetime with Timezones: Examples and Reference  03 Jan 2021    python datetime timezones
Examples on how to work with datetimes and timezones, using the standard python library, datetime. Read More ›

Pandas Time Series Examples: DatetimeIndex, PeriodIndex and TimedeltaIndex  10 Mar 2019    datetime pandas time-series
How and when to use special pandas Indexes such as DatetimeIndex, PeriodIndex and TimedeltaIndex. These will help you deal with and perform simple operations on time-series data. Read More ›

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Manipulating Date and Time  15 Jan 2019    pandas datetime
Some examples on how to manipulate dates and times in pandas Dataframes, perform date arithmetic, etc. Read More ›

Presto/Athena Examples: Date and Datetime functions  10 Dec 2018    presto datetime date athena
Functions for handling dates and datetimes in Presto and/or AWS Athena. Read More ›

Python Datetime Examples  04 Jul 2016    python3 date datetime
Examples on how to create and manipulate date and datetime objects using Python. Read More ›

Java.time API: Examples and Reference in Scala  01 Apr 2016    java 8 datetime scala
Java 8 Timezones: Examples in Scala  23 Dec 2015    java 8 datetime scala
Many Scala examples of the new Java 8 `java.time` API, focusing on ways to deal with and encode Timezone information in your objects. Read More ›

Scala Slick: Dealing with Datetime/Timestamp Attributes  10 Oct 2014    scala slick database orm frm datetime