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Python Json Module: Reference and Examples  16 Jan 2017    python json
Examples and best practices for using the python json module. Includes common operations such as reading, writing and formatting as well as solutions to common problems. Read More ›

Json Schema Examples  17 Aug 2016    json wip
Json4s Examples: Common Basic Operations using Jackson as Backend  29 Feb 2016    json scala json4s
Json4s is one of the best libraries for manipulating json in Scala. Here are some examples and common use cases you may have come across and some you perhaps haven't. Read More ›

Fully Customized Json Validators for the Play 2 Framework: Explanation and Example  05 Jan 2016    play 2 json
Play 2 Allows a lot of flexibility for defining custom rules for JSON validation but if you want full control over how JSON is validated against a case class (including conditions that depend on more than one attribute and custom error messages) you need to write custom readers for your classes. Read More ›

Play 2 Framework with Scala: Complex JSON Validator Examples  09 Mar 2015    scala play2 json forms validation
Working with JSON data on the Play Framework for Scala: Examples  09 Oct 2014    scala json play
Using data-attributes to set string and JSON objects in Bootstrap  23 Jan 2013    bootstrap javascript json