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Python 3 Regex: Named Capture Examples  25 Jun 2023    python-3 regex
Examples on how to use named capture gropus in Python regular expressions. Read More ›

Splunk Examples: Regex command  10 Oct 2022    splunk regex
Ese the regex command in splunk to have regex-like (perl-compatible) queries and filters. Read More ›

Grep examples: Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions  09 Oct 2022    grep regex
Examples on how to use regular expressions in conjunction with GNU grep. Examples on how to modify regular expressions, use multiple types, common issues and solutions. Examples mostly use Perl-compatible regular expressions (PCRE) Read More ›

Python Regular Expressions: Lookahead and lookbehind examples  09 May 2021    python regex
Examples for how and when to use lookaheads and lookbehinds in python regular expressions. These are ways to create matches that depend on what came before or what came after the pattern you want to match. Read More ›

Splunk Regular Expressions: Rex Command Examples  21 Mar 2021    splunk regex
Examples of common use cases and for Splunk's rex command, for extracting and matching regular expressions from log data. Read More ›