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Publishing an SBT Project onto Bintray: an Example  20 Aug 2016    sbt bintray
A quick example explaining everything you need to do to package an SBT project and publish the binary JAR to bintray, where it can be made available for others too! Read More ›

Add a Github Project as a Dependency in SBT  13 Aug 2016    sbt
Small example on how to quickly add a project you found on github to your own project as a dependency. Read More ›

Packaging an Akka-http Application using SBT and Docker: Simple Example  29 Jun 2016    docker akka-http sbt
A simple example displaying common akka-http use cases and a couple of tips and hints to guide you through packaging a full app as a Docker container, so that you can deploy it anywhere you want. Read More ›

Creating Scala Fat Jars for Spark on SBT with sbt-assembly Plugin  18 Sep 2015    sbt hadoop spark sbt-assembly