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Bash Options with Set: Examples and reference  31 Oct 2021    bash
Examples and reference for most commonly-used bash options you can set/unset with the set builtin. Read More ›

Working with Functions in Bash: Reference and Examples  31 Mar 2021    bash
Simple examples and common use cases for functions in shell scripting using bash (bourne-again shell). Read More ›

Bash Examples: String Operations  09 Sep 2020    bash
How to interact with strings on bash scripts. Read More ›

Bash Shopt Examples  05 Jul 2020    bash
Examples and reference on how to work with options on bash scripts via the shopt command Read More ›

Linux/Unix Shell Scripting Examples: SSH  06 Jan 2018    bash shell ssh
Examples on how to use SSH to connect to/from remote Linux/Unix machines. Read More ›

Bash Scripting Examples: Iteration and Arrays  22 Dec 2017    bash
Examples on how to use arrays, iterate through items in arrays, etc. Read More ›

POSIX Shell Tests and Conditionals: Examples and Reference  13 Aug 2016    bash posix-shell
POSIX Shell: Basic Examples and Common Operations  13 Jul 2016    shell sh posix-shell
Bash History: Search, Re-Run and Edit Shell Command History  09 Feb 2014    bash
Bash Scripting File Manipulation Examples and Reference  08 Aug 2013    bash files
Bash Examples: Basic Information and Control Structures  08 Aug 2013    bash shell
Add Colour to Text on the Terminal: Examples with Bash and Python  09 Aug 2012    bash python
Add an alias to your shell on Linux  22 Jun 2012    linux shell alias
Recursively delete .svn directories on Linux  10 May 2012    linux svn shell