Pandas Dataframe Examples: Create and Append data

25 Mar 2019   Examples on how to create dataframes, using lists, dicts and creating empty dataframes then initializing it with data.

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Matplotlib Examples: Displaying and Configuring Legends

23 Mar 2019   Multiple examples on how to display and customize legends on matplotlib plots.

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data-science calibration

The Calibration-Accuracy Plot: Introduction and Examples

17 Mar 2019   Model scores don't always tell the whole story. It is much easier to interpret the outputs of machine learning models when the scores are well-calibrated probabilities. When a model's scores match probabilities, it is said that that model is well-calibrated.

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datetime pandas time-series

Pandas Time Series Examples: DatetimeIndex, PeriodIndex and TimedeltaIndex

10 Mar 2019   How and when to use special pandas Indexes such as DatetimeIndex, PeriodIndex and TimedeltaIndex. These will help you deal with and perform simple operations on time-series data.

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Pandas Concepts: Reference and Examples

10 Mar 2019   Short explanations with examples on the main concepts you'll find when using the Pandas library.

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machine-learning model-evaluation

Evaluation Metrics for Ranking problems: Introduction and Examples

24 Jan 2019   Explanation and examples on how to calculate the performance of ranked predictions for machine learning.

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paper-summary multi-label-learning structured-learning

Paper Summary: Large Margin Methods for Structured and Interdependent Output Variables

24 Jan 2019   Summary of the 2005 article "Large Margin Methods for Structured and Interdependent Output Variables" by Tsochantaridis et al.

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pandas datetime

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Manipulating Date and Time

15 Jan 2019   Some examples on how to manipulate dates and times in pandas Dataframes, perform date arithmetic, etc.

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Recommender Systems: Introduction and Examples

06 Jan 2019   Quick introduction to recommender systems, use cases and main types.

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Git remote examples: Interacting with Github and other External Repos

18 Dec 2018   Examples on how to perform some common git tasks related to interacting with remotes

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