spark architecture

Apache Spark Architecture Overview: Jobs, Stages, Tasks, etc

03 Jan 2017   Quick overview of the main architecture components involved in running spark jobs, so you can better understand how to make the best possible use of resources.

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technology   hadoop hdfs

HDFS Commands: Reference and Examples

25 Dec 2016   List of HDFS commands for filesystem management, along with common use cases.

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technology   ubuntu 16.04 cuda tensorflow

Installing CUDA TK 8 and Tensorflow on a Clean Ubuntu 16.04 Install

24 Dec 2016   Guiding you through installing the correct NVIDIA drivers, CUDA, cuDNN and tensorflow on an Ubuntu 16.04 box.

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technology   aws kinesis awscli

AWS Kinesis Common Operations using the AWS CLI: Reference & Examples

21 Dec 2016   A couple of commands you can issue to a Kinesis stream from the AWS cli.

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Typescript Examples: Type Casting and Type Conversions

20 Dec 2016   Examples on how to convert between types and/or cast in Typescript.

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Commonly-used Docker Commands: Reference and Examples

15 Dec 2016   Docker commands you'll find yourself using often. Things like build images, starting containers, accessing containers, etc.

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Spark Streaming: Commong Pitfalls and Tips for Long-running Streaming Applications

11 Dec 2016   Running Spark Streaming applications may introduce a couple of problems that you may not face when you are running Spark on Batch mode. Here are a couple of things you may need to take into account to keep long-running spark streaming jobs running smoothly.

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bash" regular-expressions

Bash Regular Expressions: Reference and Examples

04 Dec 2016   Lots of examples on how to use regular expressions with bash scripts.

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technology   emr yarn spark

ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException: Spark Application Stuck in ACCEPTED state on YARN

13 Nov 2016   ApplicationAttemptNotFoundException may be cause because the log directory have become too crowded with data.

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