Pyenv and Jupyter Notebook Integration

Pyenv and Jupyter Notebook Integration

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Examples run on MacOS

Add pyenv Environment as Kernel

Running ipython kernel install alone doesn't seem to work for PyEnv.

Do this instead:

1) Activate the environment: $ pyenv activate my-venv

2) Install the kernel with $ ipython kernel install --name "my-venv" --user (This creates a file in ~/Library/Jupyter/kernels/my-env/kernel.json)

3) The created file (on the path above) will probably have the wrong path to the Python executable.1 Open it and edit it to point to the PyEnv executable:

    "argv": [
     "~/.pyenv/versions/my-venv/bin/python", # <-- HERE
    "display_name": "my-venv",
    "language": "python",
    "metadata": {
     "debugger": true

Troubleshooting: No module named ipykernel_launcher

You need to install ipykernel in the virtualenv you want to use.


1: In my case it pointed to a native Python version: /usr/local/opt/python@3.11/bin/python3.11