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Git Examples: Reverting a File from a Branch  27 Dec 2023    git
Many ways to reset files to what they look like on other branches, both locally and on remotes. Read More ›

Git config Examples  15 Oct 2022    git
Quick examples for some common configuration for git and related tools. Read More ›

Git Examples: Comparing Branches, locally and remotely  24 Jul 2022    git
Comparing and diffing code across branches and working directories on git. Read More ›

Git Examples: Searching the Git History  01 Nov 2021    git
Examples on how to search the git logs and history for modified files, modified code, how to retrieve past files from the history, etc. Read More ›

Git-LFS: Reference and Examples  11 Apr 2021    git
Common tasks and examples related to using Github's LFS (Large File Storage) functionality Read More ›

Git branching: Reference and Examples  23 Jan 2020    git
Common use cases and examples for using branches on git, locally and on remotes. Read More ›

Git Diff: Reference and Examples  24 Oct 2019    git
How to compare and show differences in files from different branches, different commits, etc. Read More ›

Git remote examples: Interacting with Github and other External Repos  18 Dec 2018    git
Examples on how to perform some common git tasks related to interacting with remotes Read More ›

Looking for Things and using the History on Git: Examples and Reference  28 Sep 2016    git
Couple of examples of how to correctly use git log and other commands that let you use git to search your history for modifications, commit messages and so on. Read More ›

Fixing Git Merge Conflicts: Reference and Examples  18 Dec 2013    git merge conflict
Examples on how to fix git merge conflicts and prevent conflicts when pulling and merging code. Read More ›

Git Submodules By Example  23 Aug 2013    git submodules
Git Examples: Using Local Repositories  16 May 2013    git
Git examples: Resetting, Undoing, and Reverting Changes  16 Jun 2012    git
Create a Remote GIT repository and PUSH stuff to it  30 May 2012    server ubuntu git
Untrack files in Git  14 Apr 2012    git
How to tell git to "forget" or ignore a file in your working directory. Read More ›