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Project Review: Generating Article Titles from Keywords  31 Mar 2021    project-review sequence-learning generative-models
Another project summary, this time for a client who needed an API-accessible ML system to generate text to be used as article titles, given a keyword as input. Read More ›

Project Review: Text Classification of Legal Documents (Another one)  25 Apr 2020    project-review natural-language-processing
Short review with lessons learned for a contract project worked on during early 2020. The aim of the project was to classify documents into classes, with some peculiarities and specific rules. Read More ›

People Skills for Data Science Projects: Lessons Learned  14 Sep 2019    data-science project-work
See a project go from start to finish, know how to create value with data science and machine learning. Read More ›

Helping Data Science Projects Succeed: 5 Tips on how to Avoid Becoming a Statistic  01 Jun 2019    projects data-science project-work
5 real-world tips to help you avoid failures in data science projects. Suitable for both practitioners and project leads. Read More ›

Project Review: Text Classification of Legal Documents  02 Nov 2018    project-review natural-language-processing
Lessons learned from a data science project. Read More ›