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SAS Examples: Proc Freq  08 Feb 2018    sas
Proc freq is one of the most useful SAS proc for data analysis. Here are a couple of example to help you quickly put it to use. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Survey Select  20 Jan 2018    sas
Examples on ways to generate samples from data using SAS. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Numeric/Character Conversions  28 Nov 2017    sas
Converting values from/to character and numeric values is one of the most common operations in SAS. Here are some examples of things you may want to do. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Proc SQL  28 Nov 2017    sas
Examples on how to write some common operations in SAS Proc SQL. Read More ›

SAS Examples: Arrays and Variable Lists  28 Nov 2017    sas
Examples on how to use arrays and variable lists in SAS. Read More ›

SAS Macro Examples - Control Structures  28 Nov 2017    sas
Example on how to use control structures on SAS Macros. Read More ›