SAS Macro Examples - Control Structures

28 Nov 2017   Example on how to use control structures on SAS Macros.

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machine-learning statistics

Gaussian Processes for Classification and Regression: Introduction and Usage

19 Nov 2017   Study guide for understanding Gaussian Processes (also Sparse Gaussian Processes) as applied to classification in machine learning.

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python data-newsletter-6

Package a Python Project and Make it Available via pip install: Simple Example

15 Nov 2017   It's easy to package some code you wrote as a package. Publish your Python code to PyPi to have other people use and contribute to it!

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Pip Install a Project having a file: an Example

11 Nov 2017   You can use pip to install a Python project that uses a setup file.

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paper-summary multi-label tags

Paper Summary: Multi-instance multi-label learning for automatic tag recommendation

05 Nov 2017   Summary of the 2009 article "Multi-instance multi-label learning for automatic tag recommendation" by Shen et al.

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python formatting

Python number formatting examples

05 Nov 2017   Examples on how to format numbers in Python, e.g. rounding, truncating, etc.

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Linux File Processing: head and tail examples

27 Oct 2017   GNU utilities head and tail are very useful for text file processing under Linux and other unix-based OSs.

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Scikit-Learn Pipeline Examples

21 Oct 2017   Examples of how to use classifier pipelines on Scikit-learn. Includes examples on cross-validation regular classifiers, meta classifiers such as one-vs-rest and also keras models using the scikit-learn wrappers.

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Kaggle NYC Taxi Trips Competition: Overview and Results

17 Oct 2017   Overview of Kaggle competition: New York City Taxi Trip Duration.

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jupyter python

Python on Jupyter notebooks: Reference for Common Use Cases

16 Oct 2017   Getting more done with Jupyter notebook, with useful shortcuts and commonly-used functionality.

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