Crypto Asset Overview: Particl (PART)

13 Jan 2018   Comment on Particl, a crypto asset built for private marketplaces.

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bash shell ssh

Linux/Unix Shell Scripting Examples: SSH

06 Jan 2018   Examples on how to use SSH to connect to/from remote Linux/Unix machines.

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Unix cut command: Reference and Examples

22 Dec 2017   The Unix cut command can be used for extracting parts of strings. It's very often used to parse command output.

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Bash Scripting Examples: Iteration and Arrays

22 Dec 2017   Examples on how to use arrays, iterate through items in arrays, etc.

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pandas pyplot matplotlib dataframes

Pandas Dataframe: Plot Examples with Matplotlib and Pyplot

22 Dec 2017   Examples on how to plot data directly from a Pandas dataframe, using matplotlib and pyplot.

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python csv

Python CSV Module: Reference and Examples

12 Dec 2017   Examples on how to read and write CSV files and configure Python's CSV module.

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jupyter ec2

Connect to Jupyter Notebook Running on EC2 Instance

09 Dec 2017   Spin up and connect to a Jupyter notebook running on a remote EC2 instance.

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Failed to Connect via SSH to a new Deep Learning AMI EC2 on AWS

09 Dec 2017   Simple Guide to troubleshoot connection issues on Deep Learning AMIs on AWS.

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Paper Summary: Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents

29 Nov 2017   Summary of the 2014 article "Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents" by Le and Mikolov.

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SAS Examples: Numeric/Character Conversions

28 Nov 2017   Converting values from/to character and numeric values is one of the most common operations in SAS. Here are some examples of things you may want to do.

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