Pandas Dataframe: Union and Concat Examples

14 Jun 2018   Emulate SQL union and union all behaviour, among other stuff.

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Pandas Dataframe: Replace Examples

14 Jun 2018   Call the replace method on Pandas dataframes to quickly replace values in the whole dataframe, in a single column, etc.

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Crypto Asset Overview: 0x Project and the ZRX Token

05 Jun 2018   Short overview with the least you need to know about the 0x protocol

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Latex Image Examples: Sizing, Positioning, Captioning, etc

03 Jun 2018   Examples on how to work with images on LaTeX and platforms that support it, such as ShareLaTeX and Overleaf.

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machine-learning metrics

Evaluation Metrics for Regression Problems: Quick examples + Reference

26 May 2018   Regression problems are evaluated against specific metrics that analyze whether the residuals (difference between actual and predicted values) indicate that a fitted model is a good fit for the data. Here are some of the most commonly-used metrics in that domain.

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Vim Examples: Search and Replace

24 May 2018   Examples on how to search and replace text on Vim; simple exmaples, using regexes, etc.

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paper-summary embeddings compositionality natural-language-processing

Paper Summary: A Simple but Tough-to-beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings

13 May 2018   Summary of the 2017 article "A Simple but Tough-to-beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings" by Arora et al.

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Scikit-Learn examples: Making Dummy Datasets

02 May 2018   Make dummy datasets to test out classifiers and/or parameter configurations in Scikit-learn.

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paper-summary compositionality embeddings natural-language-processing

Paper Summary: Context is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces

01 May 2018   Summary of the 2018 article "Context is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces" by Zelikman, where the author introduces CoSal weighting for bag-of-words vectors.

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data-science peopleware data-newsletter-5 machine-learning-engineering

Podcast Episode Overview: What Machine Learning Engineers need to Know

23 Apr 2018   Overview of a great podcast episode on how much (if at all) we need a new role for data teams, namely Machine Learning Engineers.

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