machine-learning metrics

Evaluation Metrics for Regression Problems: Quick examples + Reference

26 May 2018   Regression problems are evaluated against specific metrics that analyze whether the residuals (difference between actual and predicted values) indicate that a fitted model is a good fit for the data. Here are some of the most commonly-used metrics in that domain.

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Vim Examples: Search and Replace

24 May 2018   Examples on how to search and replace text on Vim; simple exmaples, using regexes, etc.

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paper-summary embeddings compositionality natural-language-processing

Paper Summary: A Simple but Tough-to-beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings

13 May 2018   Summary of the 2017 article "A Simple but Tough-to-beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings" by Arora et al.

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Scikit-Learn examples: Making Dummy Datasets

02 May 2018   Make dummy datasets to test out classifiers and/or parameter configurations in Scikit-learn.

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paper-summary compositionality embeddings natural-language-processing

Paper Summary: Context is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces

01 May 2018   Summary of the 2018 article "Context is Everything: Finding Meaning Statistically in Semantic Spaces" by Zelikman, where the author introduces CoSal weighting for bag-of-words vectors.

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data-science peopleware data-newsletter-5 machine-learning-engineering

Podcast Episode Overview: What Machine Learning Engineers need to Know

23 Apr 2018   Overview of a great podcast episode on how much (if at all) we need a new role for data teams, namely Machine Learning Engineers.

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matplotlib machine-learning scikit-learn

Visualizing Machine Learning Models: Examples with Scikit-learn, XGB and Matplotlib

23 Apr 2018   Examples on how to use matplotlib and Scikit-learn together to visualize the behaviour of machine learning models, conduct exploratory analysis, etc.

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Pandas Dataframe: Merge and Join Examples

17 Apr 2018   Examples on how to use pandas.merge to do SQL-style joins on pandas dataframes.

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machine-learning data-science model-evaluation

Introduction to AUC and Calibrated Models with Examples using Scikit-Learn

15 Apr 2018   Inspired by a podcast episode by Linear Digressions, which talks about what AUC is and what it is not and why you need well calibrated models if you want to treat their outputs as probabilities.

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dlt jvm

Corda Framework Overview + Examples

07 Apr 2018   Overview of the main concepts of the Corda framework for building decentralized applications based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

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