Measuring Function Running Times in Python

08 Jul 2021   Really simple code to help profile individual method calls to find bottlenecks in Python code.

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matplotlib formatting

Matplotlib examples: Number Formatting for Axis Labels

29 Jun 2021   Some examples on how to properly format axis labels, add thousands separator, format axis labels to make them easier to read, etc.

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Matplotlib Examples: Plots with String Axis Labels

28 Jun 2021   Examples on how to create plots where one of the axis is not a list of integers/floats but a list of strings.

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paper-summary machine-learning-engineering machine-learning

Paper Summary: Identifying Mislabeled Instances in Classification Datasets

28 Jun 2021   Summary of the 2019 article "Identifying Mislabeled Instances in Classification Datasets" by Mueller and Markert.

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scalability software-architecture

Probabilistic Behaviour can Sometimes Replace State at Scale

28 Jun 2021   You can sometimes forgo keeping state for an application if you are operating at scale and you can afford some innacuracies.

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aws ec2 ebs

AWS Examples: Change EC2 Instance Type without Losing Data

26 Jun 2021   You can change the instance type for an EC2 instance by detaching the base volume (where the OS is installed), then re-attaching it to another instance (of the desired type) and then copying files manually on demand.

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Assign Command to Keyboard Shortcut on Ubuntu

30 May 2021   Assign hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to commonly used terminal commands on Ubuntu

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aws-cloudwatch boto

Set up Heartbeat Monitoring on AWS Cloudwatch with Boto: Example

30 May 2021   How to create a heartbeat check on AWS Cloudwatch, so that you get notified if some event has NOT happened in the last minute/hour/days etc

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python pandas

Pandas Dataframe Examples: Styling Cells and Conditional Formatting

09 May 2021   Some examples on how to highlight and style cells in pandas dataframes when some criteria is met. Useful for analytics and presenting data.

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python regex

Python Regular Expressions: Lookahead and lookbehind examples

09 May 2021   Examples for how and when to use lookaheads and lookbehinds in python regular expressions. These are ways to create matches that depend on what came before or what came after the pattern you want to match.

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