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Akka-http Common Operations: Reference + Examples  03 Nov 2016    akka-http akka wip
A couple of things I find myself doing very often when I use akka-http. I believe these may be useful for others too. Read More ›

Json Schema Examples  17 Aug 2016    json wip
Typescript Control Stuctures: Examples + Reference  09 Aug 2016    wip typescript
Package Management with NPM: Examples and Common Use Cases  08 Aug 2016    wip npm
Javascript/Typescript Date and time Operations: Examples using Moment.js  02 Aug 2016    wip typescript date javascript
Apache Zeppelin, Spark Streaming and Amazon Kinesis: Simple Guide and Examples  19 Feb 2016    emr spark zeppelin kinesis wip
Logrotate on Ubuntu: Configuration Examples & Reference  07 Oct 2015    log wip
Internet of Things and Big Data - Trends for the Present & the Future  31 Jan 2014    wip big data iot
Comparing Yii Behaviours and Native PHP Traits  26 Dec 2013    yii traits mixin wip
Liberty FAQ  06 Mar 2013    wip liberty
Ruby CLI Shell Scripting Cheatsheet  14 Oct 2012    wip ruby cli
Creating Behaviors on Yii Framework  11 Oct 2012    yii wip behaviors
JpGraph charts Library: examples and tips  13 Sep 2012    wip jpgraph examples
TCPDF Hacks  11 Sep 2012    wip tcpdf hacks
Yii Migrations: cheatsheet and examples  21 Aug 2012    yii wip cheatsheet
Other uses and best practices for Yii rights module   17 Aug 2012    yii rights wip
PHP banana peels: common PHP mistakes and and how to avoid them  17 Aug 2012    php wip banana-peel
Hard-won Javascript/JQuery wisdom and useful (benign) hacks  01 Aug 2012    jquery wip javascript