Pandas Dataframes: Apply Examples

26 Sep 2020   Examples on how to use pandas apply, on columns, dataframes, etc, with best practices and warnings about performance.

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python files paths

Python: Working with Paths & the Filesystem

26 Sep 2020   Several examples on how to work with paths and files in python, convert from relative to aboslute paths, check if a path points to a valid file, etc.

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product-management data-science data-products

11 Types of Data Products, with Examples

22 Sep 2020   Here is a list of data products you can build using various types of data science methods. Includes use cases and main techniques for each.

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paper-summary natural-language-processing sequence-learning transformer-architecture

Paper Summary: Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training

11 Sep 2020   Summary of the 2018 article "Improving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training" by Radford et al.

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Bash Examples: String Operations

09 Sep 2020   How to interact with strings on bash scripts.

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jq: Sorting JSON objects

29 Aug 2020   Just simple examples on how to sort objects with jq

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pytest python testing

Pytest Options: Best Practices and Examples

23 Aug 2020   Examples on how to use pytest to run tests, configure outputs, etc.

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paper-summary natural-language-processing embeddings sequence-learning

Paper Summary: ULMFIT: Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification

22 Jul 2020   Summary of the 2018 article "ULMFIT: Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification" by Howard and Ruder.

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Bash Shopt Examples

05 Jul 2020   Examples and reference on how to work with options on bash scripts via the shopt command

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paper-summary sequence-learning attention transformer-architecture

Paper Summary: Attention is All you Need

27 Jun 2020   Summary of the 2017 article "Attention is All you Need" by Vaswani et al.

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