apache-24 caching

Apache Browser Caching: Reference and Examples

24 May 2020   Example configurations and reference for setting up browser-side caching for files served by Apache 2.4.

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permissions filesystem

Setfacl Examples: Give Users and Groups Access to Files and Directories

23 May 2020   Examples on how to use the setfacl util to set permissions for specific users and groups to access files and directories on unix-based systems.

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project-review natural-language-processing

Project Review: Text Classification of Legal Documents (Another one)

25 Apr 2020   Short review with lessons learned for a contract project worked on during early 2020. The aim of the project was to classify documents into classes, with some peculiarities and specific rules.

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python jupyter-notebooks

Python Imports: Reference and Examples

25 Apr 2020   Examples on how to deal with imports in Python scripts and jupyter notebooks, how to add custom directories and import from those, etc.

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Matplotlib Subplots: Best Practices and Examples

20 Apr 2020   Examples on how to plot multiple plots on the same figure using Matplotlib and the interactive interface, pyplot. Includes common use cases and best practices.

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text-processing unix

Dealing with Newline Issues on Text Files: Examples and Reference

09 Apr 2020   How to work with problems in newline encodings in text files:

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Jupyter Notebook Extensions: Examples and Reference

03 Apr 2020   Examples and reference on how to install and configure additional extensions for jupyter notebooks.

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Numpy Display Options: Examples and Reference

24 Mar 2020   Number formatting, array visualization and other options to visualize numpy elements, being especially useful for working in Jupyter notebooks.

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Pandas Display Options: Examples and Reference

24 Mar 2020   Variety of examples on how to set display options on Pandas, to control things like the number of rows, columns, number formatting, etc. Especially useful for working in Jupyter notebooks.

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Pandas Dataframes: CSV Quoting and Escaping Strategies

24 Mar 2020   Reading and writing pandas dataframes to CSV files in a way that's safe and avoiding problems due to quoting, escaping and encoding issues.

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