Splunk Examples: Manipulating Text and Strings

12 Sep 2022   Examples on how to perform common operations on strings within splunk queries.

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qpdf Examples: Merging, Splitting, Compressing PDF Files

01 Aug 2022   Examples on common operations you may want to do on PDF files using qpdf. Examples from unix-like systems.

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matplotlib pandas

Pandas Dataframe examples: Plotting Histograms

31 Jul 2022   Several examples on how to draw histograms based on pandas dataframes.

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Action-based VS Process-based Solutions to Problems

24 Jul 2022   Solving a problem once is very different from setting up a system that ensures the problem gets addressed consistently. In other words, solving problems in the small is different from solving those very problems "in the large", at scale.

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Git Examples: Comparing Branches, locally and remotely

24 Jul 2022   Comparing and diffing code across branches and working directories on git.

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Splunk Examples: Renaming/Replacing Fields and Values

13 Jun 2022   Renaming and replacing fields, values, etc on Splunk. Examples and reference using the tutorial data from the docs.

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Pandas Examples: Looping over Dataframe Rows

13 Jun 2022   Everything you need to know about how to loop and/or iterate over rows in a pandas dataframe, as efficiently as possible.

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spark datetime

Spark SQL date/time Arithmetic examples: Adding, Subtracting, etc

12 Jun 2022   Examples on how to subtract, add dates and timestamps in Spark SQL Dataframes, along with a summary.

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java spark

Java.sql for Spark Scala: Examples using Dates, Times, etc

31 May 2022   Common operations to make use of java.sql Date/Time classes, convert to/from java.time Classes, etc.

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python datetime

Python Date/Datetime Arithmetic Examples: Adding, Subtracting, etc

08 May 2022   Some examples on how to perform basic arithmetic on Python date and datetime objects, examples on timedelta, etc.

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